Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials Review

Sunday, 13 September 2015

I should probably start by saying that I am a huge Maze Runner fan. I read the first book before I had even heard that they were turning it into a movie. It's also one of the only book trilogies where I enjoyed each one as much as the original. I absolutely loved the first movie and completely understood the changes that had to be made. I will forever thank Wes Ball for making Gally a much more likable character!

After enjoying the book and getting really hyped by the trailer I had high hopes for the second film. I was absolutely NOT disappointed at all! This new movie raised the bar high from the first one, and even my entire family walked away saying "Yeah, that was better than the first!."

It's action-packed and suspenseful from the very first minute of the film, which for me just added to the whole experience. I felt just as anxious to get across the scorch as the characters were! This reflects the book perfectly too, as each chapter would end on some sort of cliff hanger so you had no choice but to keep reading (well played, James Dashner!).

I won't bore you with the plot line, but basically this film sets the characters against the world outside of the maze. They're running from bad guys, battling the elements, and facing their own zombie apocalypse. I usually don't like it when movies get really gritty, but I found that this one was perfectly balanced. The environment of the scorch sets such an epic and dangerous scene, without overwhelming you. Just as a warning, the cranks (zombies) made for quite a few jump scares, which I personally love.

If you have read the book as well, just be warned that they did make some plot changes. Nothing too bad, but I feel safe to say that you can put your trust in director Wes Ball. This guy knows how to perfectly adapt a book to a movie in a way that it will make sense whether you have read the books or not. For me, the changes were so well thought out, and I think if some scenes had been kept in the movie it would have dragged too much or made things complicated. The guy is a genius.

Reasons you should go see the Scorch Trials:
  • It kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time
  • Jorge was MVP and all kinds of awesome 
  • Epic setting and action scenes to match
  • Great character moments to make you all kinds of emotional
  • If you enjoy zombies movies, this one's for you!  
  • Newt finally calls him Tommy
Watch the trailer here!

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