Ten Things I'd Tell My Younger Self

Friday, 18 September 2015

Hello, Everyone!
 I've seen this topic on a few blogs recently and it got me thinking of what I would tell myself as a teenager. Now, I am by no means old and wise, although my 24th birthday is looming on the horizon. I've spent the last few years going from study to work, traveling, and being by myself which has definitely taught me a lot. This post is also the result of reading far too many motivational quotes on Pinterest and Instagram...

1. NEVER apologize for being emotional.
I think we are all brought up to believe that being emotional is a weakness, right? I certainly felt that way growing up and I have had my fair share of low moments because of it. I've always been an emotional person, very quick to tears, a complete sensitive-Sally. But you know what, I can honestly say that it's not a trait I consider to be a weakness at all anymore. It's simply how my brain is wired and how I deal with things. Never apologize for being human, kid.

2. Don't be ashamed of what you're passionate about. 
I'm not just talking about career goals here, I mean all the stuff that makes you glad you're alive. I've always loved anything that sparked my imagination, books, movies, music. I think fandom life chose me at a young age, to be honest. Harry Potter, Transformers, Twilight (a very cringe-worthy phase), Charmed, and so many more that pro-fangirl should be on my resume. The point is, I love getting excited about things and you should never have to hide that for anyone.

3. Always follow your gut. 
Because your head will always think too much, and your heart will always be big and hopeful. Tell them both to settle down and just go on what feels right or wrong. Life's decisions become a lot simpler this way.

4. Never EVER apologize for being too quiet. 
I've always fit that shy-kid stereotype. I was always told "Speak up more!" or "Join in discussions" by my parents and teachers alike. It's not until later in life that I've realized that I wasn't always scared to speak, I just didn't feel the need to. You know the book/movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower? Yeah, I'm Charlie. And proud of it too. I LOVE observing and understanding through listening, and it's where I feel most comfortable in social situations. We can't all be the life of the party, right?

5. Know the difference between quitting and walking away. 
I had terrible self-confidence as a kid, quitting was my first response when things got tough. I was hard on myself for it too. Thankfully my confidence grew over time and it's not a problem for me anymore. What I have learnt recently, however, is that sometimes walking away can be a healthy thing. Give something everything you have and if it still doesn't work, start again with something else. I recently made the decision to walk away from my first full-time job, and it feels amazing. Things became toxic for me, but I was smart enough to remember that there's always Plan B!

6. Drink more water! 
Seriously Steph, start this habit as early as possible. You will feel so much better. Dehydration is a killer of dreams and motivation, so start carrying a drink bottle everywhere.

7. Love yourself first. 
This seems like a lot to ask of a moody teenager. I think it was one of those issues I always avoided like the plague. But after six tattoos, a quarter-life/existential crisis, and a LOT of pop songs later, I feel like I'm finally there. Be your own best friend, hell, be your own fan-club! You'll build healthier relationships later and it makes likes life a lot more fun!

8. The less you care about what others think, the more fun you will have. 
I've never been a people-pleaser, but there has always been that anxious side of me that stops me from having fun from time to time. One thing I know is that I love being around confident people; your vibe attracts your tribe. If I want to wear bright pink lips any day of the week, I will do it and have fun along the way too. Never mind any conservative strangers. 

9. Don't look up at the mountain, just concentrate on the steps in front of you. 
There have been quite a few times over the years where I have felt overwhelmed by the future. Que the existential/quarter life crisis of 2014. Starting from the bottom is incredibly daunting, but we all have to start there and by putting our heads down and taking small steps every day, we eventually reach the top. Keep it in your sight, but don't spend all your time focusing on it. 

10. Everything in life is a choice.  
I feel like there are a lot of people who make life worse for themselves when they settle for less. This is something I'd go back in time and shake myself for, since there were so many times I was unhappy yet I did nothing to change it. You want to feel healthy? Eat well and go for a walk. Unhappy with your job? Find a new one and quit. Want to be happy today? Choose to be! This is where my stubbornness and self-love treat me well now-days.

There we go! Hopefully this helps some of you.
Tell me in the comments what would you tell your younger self!
Until next time x. 

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