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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Hello, Everyone!
I've been seeing a lot of awesome styles lately that I'm excited to try out. The weather is finally heating up so what better time to have a bit of fun with my style, right? 
Naturally, I took to Pinterest for some inspiration and settled on seven styles I'm excited about most:

Denim Skirts

These were popular when I was younger, and I have to admit that I'm loving them again! So simple and fun; just in time for Spring!


Another childhood favorite, although I initially hesitated on this trend. Now I think they are perfect for any season, and look so fun to experiment with different patterns.

Off the Shoulder Tops

How cute is this? I'm excited to try this look since it's so fresh and fun. I've also seen so many amazing dresses in this style as well. This would make a great date night outfit!

Strappy Ballet Flats
I've seen these a lot lately and I have absolutely fallen in love! I'm also someone who loves statement pieces so these would be perfect. If you're not a fan of wearing heels (like me) these are a great alternative for nights out or special events. 

Casual in all-black
You know those days where you feel the need to be a bit edgy? Nothing over the top of course, but there's a lot of fun and something slightly epic in wearing all-black. Give me some ripped jeans and a black tee and I am ready to take on anything! 


I purchased a hat similar to this one at Forever 21 during a recent vacation, and it was something I should have done a long time ago! I suit hats quite well and absolutely love wearing them. Although hat-hair is an ever-present evil I battle with.

White on Denim

This is possibly the look I am looking forward to trying most. I do love a classic style, and this matches perfectly with the warmer weather.

So that's my inspiration for Spring fashion! What do you guys think?
Are there any other trends I should try? Let me know in the comments.
Don't forget to leave your blog links for me to check out too!

Until next time x.

Photo Credit:
Denim Skirts: afamily
Overalls:  mlovesmblog
Off the Shoulder: LivvyLand
Strappy Ballet Flats: Slufoot
Casual in all-black: Pinterest
Hats: refinery29 
White on Denim: remainsimple , brooklynblonde

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