YouTuber(s) of the Month: The Sacconejolys!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

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I have been watching this amazing family for over a year now and I haven't missed a single day! Jonathon and Anna are daily-vlogger's who document their everyday lives with their two children, Emilia and Eduardo. They have been on YouTube for over five years now, which means they have shared some of the most precious moments of their lives with us. Get your tissues ready before you watch their proposal, wedding, the birth of their two children and their first birthdays. And trust me, there are some seriously teary moments!

They are also incredibly inspirational people who push their viewers (well, they call us friendliest friends!) to work hard and follow our dreams no matter what. What I love most about the Sacconejolys is how they teach you to cherish the little moments in life. As Jonathon says, the big moments come in time themselves, but it's the small things that make you smile and that are important. Believe me, their videos will give you so many reasons to smile! I'm warning you now that they will melt your heart, make you smile for at least 15 minutes a day, and teach you to be a kinder friend. Also if you needed another reason to tune in, Eduardo is talking a lot now so you don't want to miss out on his cuteness!
Check out their channel here.

My Personal Favorite Videos:
Surprising Anna's Mom on her birthday
 Emilia's second birthday ft. Zoe and Alfie   
 First Christmas with Emilia and Eduardo
Emilia learns to walk
Emilia worrying about Dad

Watch their channel trailer below!

Who are some of your favorite YouTuber's? I'd love some recommendations!
Until next time x.

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  1. I have been watching them for over three years and I love them so much!! My favorite youtube family!

    1. Same! They make me so happy everyday. It's nice to meet another Friendliest Friend!