10 Things II Week 2

Sunday, 2 August 2015

I hope you guys have had a great week! Can you believe we are in August already? It was a pretty roller-coaster week for me, but there were still some great things that happened.
Here are my weekly favorites:

1. Animals in Flower-crowns. This cheers me up every single time.

(Photo credit: Instagram)

(Photo credit: Pinterest)

2. Yay, Vitamin D! Even though it has barely gone above ten degrees, the sun has been shining all week. I'm so happy that we are getting closer to spring!

3. I got (another) new mug. I found this beauty on Mighty Ape and since I love Cinderella I couldn't resist getting it! Isn't your morning coffee better with a cool mug?

4. A Kind Stranger. Thank you to the window cleaner who comes into work and gave us all chocolate. You had no idea how bad a day I was having, anxiety levels were high. Chocolate is my savior. 

5. Favorite Blogger. I stumbled upon a lovely blog called A Yellow Brick Blog and I have really enjoyed reading it! If you love Disney and Beauty, you will love it too!

6. Perfect Eggs. Thanks to this Pinterst post I have now mastered making boiled eggs perfectly. Domesticated goddess in the making.

7. Throwback TV. I've been re-watching episodes of Chuck when I have some down-time and I never realized how much I missed it! Definitely in my top 5 TV shows. It gives me all the feels.

8. Drag Me Down. So One Direction decided to be sneaky and release a new song, and I love it!  New album next, yeah?

9. Thanks, Ingrid! I'm in need of make-up recommendations before I fly to Hawaii (I'm coming for you Sephora!) and her YouTube videos have been a life-savor. Plus, she's just so funny and sweet. Thanks for the help!

10.  New Headphones. A seriously cool design by a company called Slick. They have a tangle-free cord, they fold up so travel will be easy, plus I'm loving the neon orange color. They were also on sale for $15 (score!) Buy them here

Let me know in the comments what you got up to this week, and don't forget to leave you blog links for me to check out!
Until next time x.
Have a great week! 

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