Weekly Snaps Diary #3

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Hello Everyone!

Gloomy days call for writing, lots of coffee and watching superhero movies!

Found my latest obsession last weekend, so I had to go out and buy more colors! I'm in love.

It's so nice to see bloggers in magazines lately! Really inspiring.

New favorite: Blueberries, Greek yogurt and chopped walnuts for a healthy dessert. And I remembered that I had chai powder so I made myself a makeshift latte. It always help me relax. 

Finally! Excuse me while I stay glued to my headphones for the next month. The best thing about living in New Zealand is the time difference means we got this a day earlier than everyone else!

This is me naturally waking up early so that I could listen to the new album. Does anyone else's dog sleep on your pillows and no where else?

Family night out! (kinda). It was my parents 34th wedding anniversary this weekend, but my Dad was out of town for a funeral so my brother and Me had dinner with my Mum instead. Most impressive Pad Thai ever!

It was a cold and windy Sunday so we went to the movies to see The Dressmaker. It definitely wasn't what we expected! But the cast was great so I still enjoyed it. I got a massive craving for a grilled pita so I made one with tuna, cheese, spinach and sweet chilli. So good!

Also loving Hailee's new EP! She was brave to release this the same day as 1D and Justin!

I know this week ended on a very tragic note, I hope everyone is safe and well!

'Til next time x.

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  1. woo! 1D!! wish I could have seen them in concert..


  2. Right!? They skipped right passed New Zealand this year =( oh well, they will be back!

    Do you have a favorite song on the new album? I love Hey Angel, A.M, and I Want to Write You A Song.
    Steph x.

  3. I am obsessed with One Direction's newest album!! It's the best, can't stop listening to it! <3

    1. Same! It's amazing, right!? It's definitely their best yet. Do you have any favorite songs? =)

      Steph x.