November Favorites 2015

Friday, 27 November 2015

Hello Everyone! 
Time for another monthly favorites, and it's a bit of a mixed batch this month. 
I picked up a few new additions, as well as discovering some old favorites. My budget was starting to stretch a bit thin so I needed to do a bit of "Shop My Stash" which is still fun!

Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencil "Nude Perfection"
I've really got into nude shades these past few months and this has been one of my favorite finds. I read a blog post that had it as a dupe for a Mac lipstick so I went out and bought it the next day. I've been pairing it with Tanya Burr's lip gloss "Lunch Date" which is a perfect match. Great for an everyday look!

Benefit Hello Flawless Powder in "Honey"
I've been using this one for a while now and I'm still so in love with it. It's by far the best powder I have ever used. It's probably a little thicker than most powders but it gives you such great coverage and makes your foundation look flawless.

Chi Chi Creamy Matte Liquid Lipsticks 
I've been raving about these on my blog a lot lately, but they have seriously become my favorite lip products. They're basically a 3-in-1 (stain, lipstick, gloss) with amazing pigmentation. For the price you pay ($22) you get amazing quality. Read my review here!

Zoella Beauty 
I was going to talk about just one of her products, but I can't pick a favorite! Her moisturizers (I tried Creamy Madly Dreamy and Candy Cream) are quite thick and leave your skin feeling so soft. Perfect for when you want to feel pampered! I've also been using her Foam Sweet Foam cleansing shower gel after the gym and it makes you feel refreshed and ready to go. I wrote a blog post on these if you want a more extended review.

Lush Snow Man Shower Jelly
This is one of the only Christmas products I feel in love with this year. I mostly bought it because the scent is incredible; it's really fresh with carrot and lemon. But the best part is that when I got home I realized it's actually the shape of a snow man! How cool is that! I would show you but he's kinda melted now...sorry Olaf. 

Taylor Swift Perfume Taylor
I bought this one years ago at duty-free when I was flying to Melbourne for my birthday. I had actually gone to Taylor's concert a few days earlier and there were promo girls there so I got to try some then. This has always been one of my favorite perfumes; the scent is so lovely and floral. I randomly picked it up again and have been wearing it all month!

Do you have a favorite pick from November? 
Until next time x.

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  1. Love Zoella beauty products!
    Jabeen x

    1. They're amazing, right? Zoe did such a good job. Do you have a fave?
      Steph x.