Review: Chi Chi Creamy Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Hello Everyone!
I'm not lying when I say that I might have just found my favorite lip product of all time. I was out trying to find some new lip glosses (any recommendations?) when I found these gems. It's my dream to have a lipstick that's also a stain, a gloss, it doesn't dry your lips out, AND the color stays on all day. Turns out dreams do come true! OK, that was cheesy...

Long lasting? This stuff will leave you with amazing color, even after eating! I tried and tested this. I only have to reapply this a couple of times during the day and it still looks amazing.

Non-drying and Moisturizing? Yup! I keep waiting for it to dry out within ten minutes like a lot of products, but it doesn't. Maybe after a few hours yes, but considering this is basically a lip stain and lipstick, that's still impressive. I found that since it's quite moisturizing it's super easy to reapply and you won't even need a mirror.

Vivid Colors? Chi Chi are pretty great when it comes to colors. These lipsticks in particular are amazingly pigmented and have a matte finish (while still being moisturizing). I went for quite bold shades when I bought these and they give such an amazing pop of color.

If you didn't need another reason to buy these, they also smell amazing! Kinda like the LipSmacker Sours you used to get as a kid? I love a bit of nostalgia. They're also very affordable ($22 NZD) which is something I love about Chi Chi as a brand. You get great quality without having to spend all your money on one product.

 I think this is the first beauty product that I have bought, and then gone back to buy more colors. My first purchase was Show Stopper (pink/berry), then I went for Sexy Lady (berry/red) and Crazy in Love (pink/nude). Here's their website if you're interested in checking out more colors. I think I might go for Drama Queen next!
If you can't find Chi Chi in your country I would honestly be happy to ship them for anyone wanting to try them. I have a feeling I will be using these as my go-to lip colors for quite a while! 

What's your current favorite lip product?  
Let me know in the comments!
'Til next time x.

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