Foodie Bucket-List: Travel Edition

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Hello, Everyone!
This post combines three things I love: food, lists and travel. One great thing about Instagram is that you get introduced to so many food trends and awesome restaurants around the world. Whenever we travel overseas I always do my research on cool cafes and other places to try. It makes exploring new places more exciting and you always get great photo-ops! 

I decided to compile an awesome list for you to share some of my recent finds. There's a good mix of healthy options, but there's mostly decadent treats I'd love to try.


A friend of mine tagged me in a video about this cafe because we share a love of the smooth green stuff. Imagine it, a cafe fully dedicated to avocados! Everything about their menu is beautiful and would be any bloggers dream to take some snapshots there (someone please do this!) They also pride themselves on importing their avocados from sustainable sources around the world. I like their style. 


British YouTubers are entirely to blame for this one. There's a few episodes of the Saconejolys having one of their famous cupcake milkshakes or buying the kids a sweet treat. They always look super-pretty and it's on my to-do list for a future trip to the UK. 

Long Beach, CA

Do I even need to explain, I mean, just look at the melted cheese. This restaurant looks well-worth the trip for. It would be a place to have your ultimate carb-loaded cheat-meal then food coma on the way home. Perfect!

Happy Place

This stunning little smoothie bar is the creation of one of my favorite cookbook authors, Lola Berry. Her books are always filled with recipes that are healthy but taste incredible. When I heard she was opening up her own little space in my favorite Aussie city, I wanted to go immediately! Along with smoothies and juices, they also sell yummy raw desserts and lunch options.

Wow Fulls 

Imagine you're out on a sunny day in New York, tired after walking Central Park or checking out the shops in Soho. Feeling peckish and need an afternoon pick-me-up. This will be the perfect place! There are so many delicious flavor combinations you could try with their 1950's Hong Kong style waffles. My mouth is watering just looking at all of the pictures.

La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop

I've heard really great things about the food scene in this amazing Canadian city and I'm dying to explore it. I also have a massive love of Mexican food, and this place looks like it has a passion to celebrate it. The vibe looks so fun and any place that sells margaritas with their tacos is a winner in my book!

Mickey Waffles
Walt Disney World, Florida

Oh, the dream! We all know the legends that surround Disney foods and I've watched so many vlogs of people chowing down on Mickey shaped treats. I've never stayed a Disney resort before, or dined at one of their themed restaurants and I feel lie I'm missing out. One day I shall have breakfast with Mickey & Minnie (maybe even with my own kids) and finally stuff my face with those waffles!

Burger Inc NYC
Gansevort Market, New York

This definitely doesn't fall under the "healthy" category, but I don't think you can soak up American culture better than hitting a burger bar. They don't offer vegetarian options, but even if I leave the meat out, it should still be delicious. Plus, I mainly want to go for the Dynamite Macaroni bites! How good do they look? I'll just go running around Central Park to burn it all off.

Doughnut Time 

Just one more sweet treat to add to the list. I actually came across this line of stores on Pinterest and just had to figure out where I could get me some! Their flavors include Peanut Butter Cup, Nutella, red velvet, salted caramel, bacon, gummi bears, and other seasonal delights. They even make gluten-free and vegan options that still look to-die-for. This would definitely be a special treat, and one worth waiting in line for too.

What amazing foods are you dying to try on your travels?
Steph x.

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  1. Oh. My. Gahhhhh!!!!!!! These places look amazing!! I think we have to join you when you visit each one!! This is such a cool post idea and now I must follow all these places on instagram, although I think that might be dangerous. I love the idea of travelling to different places around the world in order to stop at a well known foodie place. I also have to research where Lola's cupcakes is back home!!!
    Love this post, as usual Steph!