365 Days Of Happiness: March

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Whenever the month flies by, I always try and remember what I did to make it go so fast. Looking back, March was pretty darn good!

My training was really exciting this month because of the CrossFit Open. Every Friday we have waited anxiously for them to officially announce the workout, then head along and participate with your team mates. It was the first time I felt like I was competing in a sport, even though it was really only against myself. I had so much fun doing it and getting to know the people at my box better. It was a big highlight for the month and I'm more determined to work harder in class every single day now. 

I think March has taught me a lot about myself and what I can do to be better. With my health, my anxiety, and what I need to do to get the most out of life. I definitely feel like I have improved in a lot of areas this month and I feel more confident taking on the rest of the year. 

Sorry if this month was a little repetitive. It looks like I did a lot of training and an equal amount of eating!

1. I made meatballs with home-made tomato sauce for Steven's work pot luck and they loved it!

2. After an insanely long work day, I got to relax with the Big Bang Theory, dessert from McDonald's, and cuddles.

3. Played a fun warm-up game at CF on the rowers. Didn't even feel like we were working out! Plus I got the highest score. 

4. At the CF Open workout today all of us girls came out in Wonder Woman shirts to scare our coach. It totally worked too! 

5. Successful shopping trip for wedding things. 

6. Round two of the 17.2 Open workout and I got my first ever kipping pull-ups! 

7. Satisfied my sweet tooth with a chocolate waffle cone. 

8. Picked up supplies for our trip! I may have also sneaked in some Easter treats. 

9. Smooth road trip down to Dunedin and managed to find the best Thai food in the city.

10. Steven's sister's wedding went super-well and we got some great pictures for them. The family even got me up dancing (a nearly impossible feat, so well done.)

11. Had a nice, chilled barbecue then borrowed a dog to go walking on the beach.

12. Lovely good-bye lunch with Steven's family. It's a great feeling when you fit in well with the right people.

13. A very nerve-racking 17.3 workout and I did way better than I thought I would. I managed 10x 25kg snatches! (my PB is only 19kg)

14. Found it fun trying to come up with healthy, yet budget friendly meals for me and Steven when we house-sit together.

15. Made easy quesadillas for dinner and they were so good!

16. Feeling proud of myself today. I pushed through a 30 minute workout without scaling any of the reps!

17. Deadlift Open workout! Was really awesome doing a heat with some of my favorite team mates.

18. Hill run, out for brunch, and shoe shopping with Mum. Just like we used to :)

19. Ended up running the 6km City 2 Surf with Steven and my knee held up fine!

20. Actually got to do some heavy back squats today on top of a great workout. Feeling confident again!

21. The boys were intimidated to workout beside me at training today. Not sure why but thanks for another confidence boost guys.

22. Made healthy cupcakes for a baby shower at work and they were delicious! (Recipe here.)

23. Nothing better than buying yourself new socks to wear. Seriously, where to they all go?!

24. Completed the 17.5 Open workout then went out for dinner with the CrossFit gang.

25. Did some more hill running today and my knee hurt way less than last week. Also went a good friend's 80's birthday party! I made her a Pac Man cake.

26. Went out and bought some games for me and Steven to play. Uno went down a treat and I think it may be our new favoite.

Lush bath using one of their Valentine's bath bombs

27. Sick in bed all day, but my wonderful boyfriend surprised me with dumplings, hot cross buns and a Maze Runner book :D

28. Chilled night watching my favorite cooking program with Mum.

29. Came home from work to find a surprise cupcake and salted caramel ice-cream waiting for me.

30. Steven came up with a new points system to help us make healthier choices in a fun way. We get rewards after earning so many points. It's working already!

31. Did my first running workout at CrossFit since hurting my knee and it felt great! So happy!

I hope everyone had a wonderful month, you never know what April will hold either.
Tell me something that made you happy in March :)
Steph x.


  1. Love this so much Steph, you sound like you had such a fun, yummy and kick ass month! It's awesome reading about your cross fit and all the new goals you are achieving, you look amazing and are just kicking butt. And all the food sound pretty delicious too! :)
    Lucy xx


    1. Thanks so much Lucy! It was such a good month for my fitness, especially with my knee finally healing. I miss hearing about your gym days! I love seeing your awesome deadlifts on Instagram!
      Steph x.

  2. I'm sat here, jealous of how awesome you look working out and the fact you're actually up and doing in... Yet here I sit, eating an Easter Egg... Oh dear! Loved your March! :) Tania Michele xx

    1. Oh don't worry, I'll be eating plenty of Easter Eggs soon! I'm lucky my coach is really strict on us not having days off, so I think I'm just scared of getting in trouble haha it's all in making good habits x.