My Easy Easter Brunch

Sunday, 16 April 2017

I love cooking for others, especially if it's brunch time. Every Christmas for the past ten years or so, I've helped my Mum set the table and cook up a big morning feast for our family. The tradition has since spread to our special days of the year and Easter is no different. Here's the menu I came up with for this year's brunch: (serves 5)

Toasted Hot Cross Buns & croissants

Baked potato and Parmesan hash 

Breakfast sausages

Crispy bacon

Turmeric pancakes
+mascapone & raspberries 

Scrambled eggs

Mashed avocado

It looks like quite a lot of food, but it didn't take me all that much effort to put together. The key to a successful brunch is always timing and cooking everything in the right order. While the hash browns and sausages baked in the oven, I made the pancake mix in my Nutri-Bullet and got them frying. At the same time I whisked my eggs to set aside for last and mashed the avocado. Once my pancakes were done and the pan was still hot, I cooked up the bacon and sliced the buns and croissants. I got a separate pan going for the eggs, and lastly swapped out the oven items for the buns to toast up. Easy!

I think it's safe to say that my mother taught me well and I have been converted into a domestic queen at some point in those ten years. If you ever wanted to host a meal for friends and family, brunch is the best time to get some practice. Even having a waffle party with some of your besties would be a great way to spend a Saturday/Sunday morning. It can even be fun cooking together and there's less pressure than a traditional dinner party. And most importantly, it's a way of showing people that you care.

Let me know how your Easter was and what your favorite part was :)
Steph x. 

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  1. I have no words for this!!! It all looks incredible and the table looks adorable!! I agree with you that you are definitely a little domestic queen!!! Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! :)