My First Home-Ware Haul!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Hello, Everyone! 

 I went on a little shopping expedition the other day and found a few little gems that I really wanted to share on my blog. I actually still live at home with my family, mostly to save money and there's never been a reason for me to move out. But since meeting Steve and us practicing what it would be like living together (quite successfully I might add) it's become a goal of mine for the next year to finally get our own place. 

I've always wanted to set up a home and have fun decorating. Recently we've been going through some storage and organizing what items we already have, or don't. There's now a long list of things that we will need before moving in and it's a list we are planning on chipping away at over the coming months. While we are still saving for our trip to Hawaii, we think it's a smart idea to get prepared now, rather than having to buy everything at once later. 

I've been dying to go out and starting purchasing a couple of things, and I am so happy with my finds. This entire haul only cost me $28 in total since almost all of it came from the clearance section. My mother not only taught me how to run a house, but to also hunt down those bargains. I think she taught me well!

Bed Cushion $5

How cute is this? I thought it was a nice neutral design that we could use in our bedroom. Plus, it has a removable cover so I can wash it easily or replace it later. 

Measuring Cup + Spatula $3-$2

The room in a house that needs the most stuff is always the kitchen. This is especially true with me because I love baking and cooking a lot. Measuring cups are super-useful to have around and this one has three different types of measurements labelled on it (great for those online recipes.) I use these wider spatulas most since they're so good for flipping pancakes and eggs. I'm gonna pick up another one later as back-up. 

Side Plates $2 each

These caught my eye and I just had to have them. When it comes time to decorate, I think I would like to try mimic some of the homely Scandinavian rooms you see on Pinterest. These plates just fit with that vision. And who says your first flat can't be filled with stylish things? 

Set of 4 Glasses $4

I initially walked past these, but came back because they were too good of a price to leave. My boyfriend loves his whisky and I thought that these would be a nice size for that kind of drink. They would even be perfect if you wanted a little bit of orange juice with breakfast.

Gold LIVE Letters $5

As soon as I saw these I thought they would look awesome on mantle-piece. It's nice and simple, plus it has holes at the back so you can hook them onto the wall if you like. It'll be fun getting little decorative pieces like this. 

There you go, the first of many (I'm sure) home-ware hauls. I do love this stuff and I'm definitely someone who has learned how to make a tight budget work. I'm really excited about what the future holds and I think I'm going to love the process of setting up my first home!

What advice do you have for setting up a new place?
Steph x. 


  1. You two are just so cute!!! :) I love how prepared you are and how you plan things together the way you do! :) It makes me happy! These items are so pretty! Decorating a home is fun, I still remember when we did that for the first time here, it was exciting thinking of themes and getting organised. Your Mum sounds amazing by the way and a lot like our Mum! :)

    Have a great day!

  2. I am LIVING for that cushion cover!! :) Tania Michele xx

  3. I can't believe the Gold Letters were only $5, the warehouse always has a good bargain!
    Kathy x