What I Eat In A Day #3

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Welcome back to another installment in this series! This week I decided to capture a rather foodie Sunday and show you something a little bit different to some of my at-home meals. I had a lot of fun this day trying new things and spoiling myself a little. Next week I am definitely getting back to normal meals!

It wouldn't be Sunday without pancakes in bed! I got to use my new fry pan this morning (quite exciting, I feel like a domestic goddess) and it was quicker to heating so I burned a few of them. But they still tasted amazing! I lathered on the maple syrup and whipped cream, which I wouldn't normally go for but I'm trying to add more fats into my diet for energy. I just used a similar mix to my Protein Pancake recipe, but forgot the baking powder. 

I went off to the Food Show today with one my CrossFit buddies. Being massive foodies, we were pretty excited to wander around trying new things. There were a lot of our favorite brands there and I think we found some new favorites too. 

Here's a little haul of what I got: 
(coconut yogurt, paleo pancake mix, smoked salmon, almond butter, and the best barbecue sauce ever!)

There wasn't a lot of lunch options, so we decided to make the short walk to Town Tonic and try there new menu. It was definitely worth it and seriously makes me want to come back soon (they have a whole section on the menu just for avocado!) I went for the vegan huevos rancheros, which was two tortillas filled with baked beans, avocado, tofu scramble, and grilled eggplant. So good! 

Snack time! 
We are going out to dinner tonight, so I'm just having something light to tie me over. I'm having some fruit dippers (chopped apple) with some of the new mango coconut yogurt that I bought. This really hit the spot. 

Sorry about the photo quality, my new phone hated the lighting in there. We came to Fush for dinner, a restaurant that focuses on the Kiwi (and British) favorite that is Fish and Chips. You can order the fish any way you like, chips normal or sweet potato, and there's also burger options as well. 
We all shared some onion rings (the best I have had in my entire life) and some salt & pepper squid. 

For my main, I went for pan fried fish and sweet potato fries. I didn't feel like anything heavy, so this seemed like a healthier option. But Oh. My. Goodness was is amazing! One of the best meals I have ever eaten. It really was that good. Loved every bite!

There was no way we were leaving without trying their famous Pineapple Lump wontons! For any non-Kiwis these are our classic chocolate treat only deep fried and served with the creamiest vanilla ice cream I have ever tried. These were really fun to try and I would definitely order some to share again. 

This was such a good way to finish off an amazing weekend. Good food and great people is all you need, right?

Let me know if there's anything you would like to see in this series :)
Steph x.


  1. Love pancakes - even if they are burnt a little bit! :) Tania Michele xx

  2. Oh my goodness, I am drooling. This all looks amazing Steph! :) That food show looks like so much fun too! I want to go to a food show! :p I haven't had breakfast yet and now I am craving avocado! :p

    Lucy xx