365 Days of Happiness: April

Monday, 1 May 2017

Hello, Everyone!

I seem to be putting one of these posts together every other week and it scares me how fast 2017 has gone! April turned out to be a better month than I expected and there seems to have been a theme of setting myself up for the future.

For starters, I've stepped up my work schedule and taken on more shifts to help save for my vacation in August. It's been an adjustment working more hours coming from part-time, but it's not all bad and obviously the pay check makes it all worth it.

My CrossFit coach has decided to change our programming and go back to basics more so we can build up our skills. I'm really excited about it because there are so many movements (mainly gymnastics) that I've been dying to try for so long and now I get the chance! It will mean I can progress more and do better in the coming months.

The last future-focus this month has been about moving out of home and into a flat with Steven. It's not going to happen until later in the year for a number of reasons, but we've talked about it a lot this April and I'm really excited about it. Obviously it will be a little scary for me, however, I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to having my own kitchen to cook in and not worrying about making noise in the morning when I'm making breakfast. You'll see that I've been making some purchases to help start the set up of our first home together and I'm sure May will bring another home-ware haul!

Here's all of the happy things for every day in April:

1. Had the most amazing muesli at Uncommon Cafe topped with a delicious poached pear. 

2. Picnic lunch of falafel Pita Pit at Victoria park with Steven. Love coming here!

3. Was brave enough to do kipping pull-ups during our workout at CrossFit and managed 20 reps. I'm pretty proud of myself. 

4. First run back at the park with Mum and my knee held up great and I kept up fine over the 8km. 

5. Deadlifts and hand stand push-ups were in order for our workout today and I crushed it! Took two minutes off my time in February. 

6. Lost my iPhone 4 somewhere (still haven't found it) but I went on a good plan and replaced it with a 6S! Will be so much better for blogging.

7. Fun Friday night of buying house stuff, eating pizza & pasta, looking at books, and playing UNO with Steven.

8. Finally tried the cute Thai food truck I've wanted to eat at for years. It was as good as I had hoped! And to top off the night, Steven surprised me with a bouquet of flowers <3

9. Went along to check out the Food Show with Melissa and got some really cool stuff. Later on a bunch of us went out for dinner and it was incredible!

10. Burpee workout went down today, then we had a fun backyard session with Steven's sister.

11. Got to catch up on my favorite cooking program. It's the small things sometimes.

12. Back to watching my favorite YouTube family, the Sacconejolys! It's especially lovely with their latest addition Alessia.

13. Fun shopping day with Mum! We bought books, bras, and chocolate.

14. Did a 5km run for time (in the rain) with the CrossFit gang and I did it in 23 minutes! Steve and Me warmed up with some toasted Hot Cross buns. I also got spoiled with Easter chocolates! I'm a lucky gal.

15. Fish and chips + Iron Man 3 = A great Saturday night.

16. Went through Steven's garage together to sort everything out and see what house stuff he already has. It's making me excited thinking about moving in together!

17. Found some home-ware goodies on sale to go towards our future flat. Check this post here to see what I got!

18. We got to practise our Toes-To-Bar at CrossFit this morning and I managed a few reps! Need more practice though.

19. Finally got back to doing double-under skips this morning, thought I had lost them.

20. It's payday so I picked up a plate set and glasses for me and Steven. Can't wait for the day I get to unpack them.

21. Made it back to Pure Cafe Co. for one of their amazing Mexi-bowls.

22. Double date night to see Fate of the Furious movie while we ate popcorn and salted caramel ice cream.

23. Got to watch Steven play Korfball and had a lovely family barbecue by the fire.

24. Cute lunch date then we looked at more house stuff. We found a great clock on sale for our future kitchen.

25. ANZAC day was honored with a hero workout at CrossFit that involved lots of bear crawls and loaded carry walks around the block. But we got to team up which was awesome. Love my CF squad! (including Sadie the Pug and Cooper the golden lab.)

26. Got to try rope climbs this morning and it was so much fun! I feel way more confident about facing them in the Spartan Race.

27. It's been a super-busy this week with work and it's gonna stay that way for a little while longer. But it's all helping me get to Hawaii and it will all be worth it in August!

28. Met up with my favorite girls today! We ate great food, talked about moving homes, boys, and weddings. Sometimes you need a silly girl chat.

29. The CrossFit Football Total weight-lifting competition went down at the box today. I was too run down to compete but I had fun being on photographer duty. Steven came third out of the boys! Very proud girlfriend.

30. Had a spontaneous lunch date with Steven at the Monday Room which I've been dying to try for ages. Mushrooms were on point. 

April went by in a flash, but once again this list has reminded me that it was a really great month. I achieved more than I thought and tried pushing my comfort zone. Don't forget to focus on the little moments that make you happy and find something good no matter how bad things get.

Let me know what made you happy in April :)
Steph x.


  1. Love reading your happiness diaries Steph. And your photos are gorgeous as always! :) Your April looked like it was very yummy and awesome. You are kicking but at crossfit, it's so cool to hear all about your progress and that you are still loving it! Also, all these food places in NZ look amazing! :) It's lovely that you are getting excited about home wear and moving in with Steven, that's going to be so much fun, we love decorating and buying stuff for our apartments too! :) Enjoy every minute!

    Lucy xx


  2. Wow! It's so good to read happy and positive things.


  3. I love these kind of posts! It looks like you had such a fun and busy month!