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Thursday, 11 May 2017

I'm not usually one to get obsessed with technology, and it's good to have a healthy relationship with your phone these days. But let's be honest here, sometimes we all love a bit of down-time to catch up on social media or in my case, look at puppies on Instagram. When I upgraded my iPhone, there was finally enough room for me to have some apps on there that I had wanted to try. I also found some new ones while browsing the App Store and I wanted to share some of these gems with you!


Guys, I have finally found the app I have needed to get me back into reading!
I stumbled upon this on the app store and it has changed my bookworm life. It's basically like a reading log/companion where you record reading sessions and it tells you how long it will take to read the book, what page you get up to (just in case your bookmark falls out) and you can record your favorite quotes. There's even achievements you can unlock for reading a certain amount of books etc. 


I've stated before how I am addicted to this website, I scroll through it everyday to get ideas and stay inspired. I never put the app on my previous phone because it could never handle loading so many pictures at a time. But with my iPhone 6S and the new-found speed and clarity that came with it, I could now scroll anywhere I want! 


I love editing photos on my iPhone while I'm out and about (mainly using the ColorStory app.) One thing I was missing was a way making collages with my edited images. I came across April and downloaded it immediately. It's super-easy to use and can make almost any combination that you would want. It's been really helpful when I make food posts or my 365 Days of Happy Project. Highly recommend!


Does anyone else have a long to-do list in their minds, but you always end up forgetting half of it? That's me for sure! I went hunting for an app to fix that problem (because there's always one) and found a really simple one called Do. You can just type out what you need to remember and just swipe it to cross it out. It also leaves the tasks you've completed recently for you to see, just in case you have to remember.

Star Wars Puzzle Droids 

I've recently started playing Candy Crush, I know, I'm SUPER late to that party. But then on May the 4th, I went on to the app store where they were advertising all of the Star Wars games you could play. Naturally I was drawn to it and found this one among them. It's got all the fun of Candy Crush with the story line of restoring BB-8's memories for him. You can even destroy squares using a blaster!

What are some apps you've been loving? I'd love some recommendations!
Steph x.

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  1. I've never heard of the Star Wars Puzzle Droids game but absolutely want to find it now! It sounds so addicting and honestly, any Star Wars game is a good game in my opinion!