Easing My Way Back Into Blogging

Monday, 27 February 2017

A few weeks ago, I posted my Three Days Of Blogger Burnout post after experiencing a little rough patch. I've seen a few other bloggers express their thoughts and feelings on being distant from our community and their struggle to connect again. I hear you girls, you are not alone. 

We all go through times where we have to assess how we are going to move forward with our blogs. This is even harder to do when you're feeling a little lost and overwhelmed by it all. One thing I have learned is that it's completely okay to feel this way. Nothing stays the same forever and if you need a break, take as much time as you need. 

Am I giving up Hello, Steph? Hells no! I don't think there will ever be a time when I don't have the itch to write, or express how excited I am about something with pictures and witty captions (well, I try.) Plus, I'd still love to make this a full-time thing one day. Time to get back to making the dream a reality!

Step one: Take the pressure off

This has been really important to me lately, especially for my own mental health. Yes, I want to work my ass off and make this blog into something bigger and brighter, but I can't expect to run that on an empty tank. Sometimes I just struggle with inspiration, or get writers block. By easing my way back slowly and not worrying about set days/times, I'm just dipping my toe back in to waters of the blogging community.

Step two: Just write

Something I always found with planning too many posts ahead was that I felt like I had to write, instead of wanting to. I have to confess that I haven't written down a weekly blog plan in almost a month. I think I've just needed time to try a new way of approaching blogging, although soon I will need to get back to planning again since I really do miss the structure. Lately I've just let myself type away when I feel inspired and need to get my thoughts onto the page. It can actually be quite therapeutic and you end up writing out of passion, rather than discipline.

Step three: Find new inspiration

It's always been important to take a step back, take a good look at your blog and decide where you want it to go. That's definitely easier said than done, but one thing I've found helps is just looking at the blogs you enjoy, especially in the recent past. To make things simple, lately I've been falling back in love with Carly Rowena's blog and the topics she writes about. She has such a great balance of fitness, health, recipes, positive lifestyle changes and so on. Moving ahead, I want to take inspiration from her and focus on creating a space where my readers can be inspired and help make healthier choices. All by documenting my own journey and findings along the way.

I hope this is helpful to anyone else who has been feeling a little burnt out or lost with blogging. We all feel this way at some point, but there's always something you can do to keep moving forward.

Do you have any advice for getting back into the world of blogging?
Steph x.

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  1. DEFINITELY stepping back and reassessing your blog. That is SO huge, so I agree with that! I've been going through the same thing... both with burnout and then not feeling like I was passionate enough about what I was writing about. I was so happy with focusing on my Instagram so I kind of put my blog to the side, but I miss it!

    And I'm definitely with you on taking the pressure off, especially when this isn't your money maker. Having a job AND trying to blog full time is so difficult!

    Katie | www.overthemoony.com