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Monday, 13 February 2017

John and Leon are two Personal Trainers/YouTubers/Life Coaches/Nutritionists that are here to inspire you on your journey. It's safe to say they know their stuff and I've learned quite a bit already just from watching their weekly vlogs. 

I've been subscribed to their YT channel for a while now, but always told myself I would watch their videos another time. While looking for health and fitness related books, I can across theirs on Book Depository and knew I had to give it a read. Once it had finally arrived, I was immediately impressed by how extensive it is. They talk about everything from mental health, nutrition, delicious-looking recipes, how to make a meal plan, workouts, and movements to try. Upon reading the first few chapters I thought to myself: "These guys could change someone's life." And I bet they already have.

(If you're a fan of the fitness super-star Carly Rowena, you'll love these two. Especially since she's engaged to Leon!)

Their top priority: Happiness

I have seen John and Leon come back to this multiple times and it's helped me make it a priority as my own long-term goal. Positive thinking can make all the difference when embarking on a journey to being a better version of yourself, and it's awesome that these guys encourage it so much. You can tell by watching their videos that they practice what they preach, seeing as they are always positive and try to make the most of each day. Being healthy starts with a happy mindset, and I think it's something a lot of us forget to prioritize.

They set long-term goals 

These boys don't believe in quick fixes like those "Lose Ten Pounds In A Week!" type of programs. They do understand how impatient we are for our bodies to transform, but if you're looking to become happy and healthy for the rest of your life then they will convince you it's worth waiting for. I think it's awesome that John and Leon include life coaching into their book/channel. Their focus on goals (both near and far) are what will help you achieve success for years to come.

They're CrossFit fanatics like me! 

 This was definitely a factor that drew me to their YT channel. I remember seeing a image of Leon performing a snatch lift and I immediately had to see what they were up to. CrossFit isn't talked about a lot in the fitness community, especially on YouTube, so to be able to watch these guys doing the workouts and movements that I'm used to is so cool! I went back to their blog and found a post called Why We Started CrossFit and it was really interesting to read. It turns out they switched from a gym to a box for the same reasons I did: thirst for challenge and improving all parts of their fitness. They even get those nervous butterflies in the car before going in to workout! If you want to know more about CrossFit, or you would like to just switch up your gym routine, then I highly recommend their vlogs. 

 It's like having a personal trainer in book form! They ask you important questions you've probably avoided asking yourself (like do you feel under pressure or are you living life to your full potential?) They help you set realistic goals and even share personal stories that help you understand where they're coming from, as well as making them feel approachable to you. 

They will help you look at every aspect of your life so that you can assess what works and what you can change to feel more awesome. The Lean Machines are here to help with whatever part of fitness/health that you might struggle with, or to simply inspire you to work harder and live happy.

I can't recommended these guys enough, both their book and YouTube channel. And if you're concerned that they're only for gym junkies, don't worry! They talk about a whole range of topics for no matter what stage you are at in fitness.

Who has been a fitness inspiration to you lately?
Steph x.

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