365 Days Of Happiness Project: January

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

One month into 2017 already, how crazy time flies when you're having fun! January has been a great month for me and I feel like I've made some lovely memories. I love writing down my days and looking back on what I did. I thought this would be a fun blog project to run all through the year. It's a pretty simple idea really: I just record one happy thing from every day and do a summary each month. The aim is for you to train yourself to see the goodness in every day and focus on the positives. And even when you think the weeks haven't been very exciting, you can take a look back and remember the fun things you got up to.
Here's the first month in my Happiness Project:

1. Saw the new Passengers with the family and Steve

2. Made waffles for Steve and his flatmates 

3. Improved my Power Cleans (weight-lifting move) at CrossFit

4. Had lunch with Steve at his work just because

5. Cheeky McDonald's run for dessert!

6. Watch 50 First Dates on Netflix and ate ice cream

7. Had a great night at work after a bad run

8. Breakfast date at a swanky buffet 

9. Made cauliflower pizza for everyone

10. Got surprised with my first pair of lifting shoes!

11. Coffee catch up with one of my good friends

12. Bought some new books to write about on my blog

13. French Toast Friday!

14. Steven brought me mint choc ice cream to cheer me up

15. Visited a BMX track. Oh, the memories!

16. Dinner date at my favorite restaurant

17. Feeling motivated after watching the 2016 Spartan Race Championship

18. The dress for an upcoming wedding arrived!

19. My coach was happy with my squat form today

20. Breakfast with the CrossFit family. Best people ever!

21. Picking up pizza, fries, and taking it to the pier to eat

22. Cheeky Burger Fuel dinner and watching The Force Awakens

23. Beach mission with Steve

24. Healthy eating all day

25. My sprints got faster in CrossFit today

26. Started at new job location & bought a Nerf Gun!

27. Made chocolate dipped pretzels & bought food for our road trip

28. Biked with Mum & made banana muffins

29. Fun drive to Dunedin & meeting new family

30. Lovely day scouting photos and traveling home

31.Watching Sherlock (season 3) with Steve

What do you think of this idea? I'm loving it so far, it lets me share the things that make me happy. And I get to see just how much I can get up to in a month. Little moments or big ones, it's important to focus on the good times.

Tell me something happy that happend today, or if you have any projects like this.
Steph x.


  1. Aww I love this Steph. I have kept a diary for the last 13 years but it's very basic. Just day to day things that have come in handy for remembering specific dates, especially when filling out Visa paperwork but only recently have I got more into highlighting and making it colourful on days where I really want something to stand out so I know it was a great day! :) I may have to start doing this though as it's right there and easier to see with being one thing! I'm rambling now but I may just have to get myself another notebook and do this! :p It may work out better than my diary as sometimes thats too much to keep up.

    Happy February!
    Kelly xx

    1. I love that you have kept a diary for so long! You're making me really want to put all of these onto paper, maybe in a bullet journal so I can decorate? :D Sounds so cool. Sometimes just writing a sentence or two to remember good days is enough to bring back memories.
      Happy February! Awesome work at the gym by the way :)
      Steph x.

  2. I really love this idea, I think it's a really clever but non-intimidating way of appreciating all of the little things. Also, this reminded me that I want to see Passengers!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. So glad you like it! It's so quick too, but lovely to look back on over the month :)
      Steph x.