Cute Date Ideas You'll Both Enjoy!

Thursday, 9 February 2017

It's that time of year again! Whether you love it or hate it, Valentines Day is in the air. In previous years I have either used it as an excuse to by myself something or gone "ugh" at the mention of it. But it's funny how things change when you find the right person to spend time with. 
I'm always on the lookout for fun things to do and memories to make. The great thing about living in the Southern Hemisphere at the moment is that we are still in summer, which is the perfect season for getting out and about. I've also included lots of ideas on this list for colder nights as well (which are always nice and cozy anyway.) Whether you use them for Valentines Day or just any date night with your significant other, these are some of my favorite things I wanna try.

Pick a movie series each and have a marathon with lots of treats 

Got to a farmers market and pick out some food for a picnic

Try different breakfast spots in your town/city

Go indoor rock-climbing 

Grab some takeaway food and find a good spot to watch the sunset

Find pop-up movie venues and cuddle under a blanket

Go out for a late-night hot chocolate 

Race each other at go-carting

Have a beach day! Go all out with food and games

A make-your-own pizza night

Find a haunted-house tour

Check out local festivals (especially the food and comedy ones!)

Go for a spontaneous drive and see where you end up

Make a blanket fort, order pizza, and watch Netflix

Go out for milkshakes (or create your own)

Have a couples bowling night

Write a list of food places you want to try and tick one off every month

Go for an icy gelato on a hot day 

Try a fitness class together or find a hiking trail

Watch each others favorite movie

Make food together then go out for a picnic

Be tourists for a day in your own city

Put up a tent and camp in your backyard together. Watch the stars and set up a camp fire

Netflix movie night with chocolate fondue (or make smores)

Check out a comedy show

 Create a scavenger hunt for each other

Have a water gun fight on a hot day

What's your idea of the perfect date? I think a day at Disneyland would be mine. Rides, churros, and the firework show...perfection!
Steph x. 


  1. Spending the day out doors is such a good idea overall, gets everyone off their phones and spending actual time together! Great post :)
    Kathy x

    1. I agree! I love getting out of the house and away from our phones. My bf and I will quite often drive to the beach for ice cream and it's always lovely :)