Recipe: Fluffy Protein Pancakes!

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Pancakes that are good for you? Oh, yes!
I'm definitely one of those fit-girls that tries to fit delicious treats into my everyday routine. If I can find a way to make it healthy, it's guaranteed to become a regular part of my diet. I've seen some impressive protein pancake stacks on Instagram and a few companies that make their own mixes. Since New Zealand is always a step behind, we don't have any of these mixtures available yet. So, to avoid expensive shipping and any nasty preservatives found in ready-made products, I set out to make my own!

I made up this recipe myself and have been making it again and again for months. It's amazing no matter what flavor protein you put with it, so feel free to use whichever one is your favorite (just imagine the possibilities!) Personally I like to stick to vanilla. That way I can add tonnes of fruit and even some yogurt on top. 

It's also another one of my easy blender recipes, where you just have to chuck all of the ingredients together and blitz them while your pan is heating. Super-quick to make, but you don't lose out on any nutrition.

Serves 2


1 banana
2 eggs
2 scoops protein powder
2 tbsp gluten-free flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 cup oats
 1/3 cup almond milk

Get a large pan heating on medium-high with a tsp of coconut or canola oil. 
Place everything into a blender, starting with the banana to stop the flour from sticking to the bottom. 
Blend until you have nice consistency, usually one that resembles custard. You don't want it to be thin. Pour medium sized servings into the pan and flip when the bottom is brown and you begin to see bubbles on top. 

To serve, add your fruit of choice and maple syrup drizzled on top (make sure it's the pure kind, not maple-flavored!) 

And enjoy!
These are perfect after a workout, on a Sunday morning, or even as an afternoon protein fix!

What would be your ultimate pancake flavor? I'm toying around with the idea of an Oreo one!
Steph x.


  1. Wow these look sooooo good and easy to make! I've been super into pancakes recently so this post has reached me at the perfect time! I've been trying to perfect my pancake recipe so I might try this tomorrow morning. Oreo pancakes sound fab especially if they have oreo chunks in them + I think banoffee pancakes sound like heaven, or maybe even mint chocolate pancakes!?!!?

    1. Thanks so much! I really hope it helps :) OMG mint chocolate pancakes sound divine! I'm going to have to try making them ASAP x.

  2. These look so good and I must try asap! xo

  3. These look delicious Steph! We definitely have to try them! :)

    Kelly xx

    1. I really hope you like them Kelly! They would be perfect after your awesome gym sessions ;)
      Steph x.