365 Days Of Happiness: February

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Happy March Everyone!
I think I've needed this project more throughout this month. It's been another roller-coaster time, with really great moments and some stressful ones too. But that's life my loves, always about the balance.

My knee is slowly getting better, but I have learned that I need to do more to strengthen and take care of it. Hopefully March will see me attempting some light jogging and squats.

My new job has been going well and have been given more regular hours now. I feel so much better looking toward future plans. Obviously I won't be there forever, but it's a step in the right direction.

Despite these good things, my city was struck with yet another natural disaster this month. Some of you guys will know how I love running the hills that close to my neighborhood and have shown you the beautiful view from the top in my daily blogs. One Monday after I came home from an afternoon of training at CrossFit, my Mum and brother pointed out the smoke coming from our beloved hills. Fires aren't unheard of here, but they don't usually get very big. But it grew (over roughly 26km of land) and came a little too close to home for comfort. It has taken nearly two weeks to put them out (they're actually still working on hot spots) and I had a few rest-less nights waiting to see if we were going to be evacuated. It has only reminded me to prioritize the people I care about and not worry so much about material items. 

Getting back to more positive things, here are the happy moments from each day in February:

1. Picked up an extra shift at work. Good for my Hawaii savings!

2. Went to a surprise dinner with my CrossFit family

3. I made vanilla protein pancakes for breakfast

4. Tried a new vegan cafe with Mum and they had the most amazing Japanese pancake rolls!

5. The perfect Sunday: pizza for lunch then ice cream by the beach

6. Fun morning at CrossFit then watching the Superbowl. Best comeback by the Patriots!

7. Meal prep and shopping with Steven

8. Started my knee rehab routine

9. Lunch and shopping with Mum after a shift at work. We looked at all the cute Valentine's Day goodies

10. Delicious dinner at the night noodle market!

11. Date night with home-made pizzas and Netflix

12. Got treated to brunch and finished season 3 of Sherlock

13. Felt mentally stronger at CrossFit, which I needed for the 2km row!

14. We watched Fresh Prince of Bel Air (pure gold) and went for ice cream

15. Got a big hug from Steven after work. These fires are freaking me out

16. Family lunch at one of my favorite places. Feels very important after a scary night

17. Tiramisu Kit Kats are a thing and I'm in love

18. Belated Valentine's with presents and chocolate fondue

19. Steve surprised me with breakfast in bed. It was the best croissant I've had in a long time

20. Ended up doing a mid-day class at CrossFit and it was so fun! Also Sadie the pug was there : )

21. Mars Bar Mini-Eggs. Enough said

22. Made watermelon pizza for the first time and it was glorious

23. Bought some beautiful earings for an upcoming wedding

24. Deadlift day at CrossFit! My knee won't let me get over 85kg, but at least I'm doing some lifting

25. Caught up with my friends over frozen yogurt (I added lots of sour lollies)

26. Dumplings run made a success by my saint of a boyfriend

27. Completed my first CrossFit Open workout in 15.14min!

28. Got trusted with a more advanced job at work and it went well

I have high hopes for March now. The CrossFit Open has started and there will be a new workout each Friday for me to work hard on. I feel like I'm competing in a sport and it's really exciting!

Once again this project is reminding me to take the good days with the bad and don't forget to look back on all the happy things you've experienced lately. You may think the month wasn't very eventful, but I bet you did more than you expected.

What was the best thing that happened in February for you?
Steph x.


  1. I wish I'd started a project like this because I could do with focusing on the small moments of happiness in my life!! Congrats on all the X-fit achievements!! That's so cool and Steve sounds like an amazing boyfriend!!

    Daisy | http://www.thedeewholived.co.uk

    1. You can always start now! It can be 365 days from any time at all :) It's really helpful to look back and think of happy things. I'd love to read some one else's project :) Thanks so much! It's been tough. Aw he really is, I got lucky!
      Steph x.

  2. I love these posts Steph!! They make me happy and your photos as always are brilliant! Steven sounds wonderful, it's so awesome that you like the same things, he sounds like a foodie too! :D You have so many amazing places in New Zealand....a noodle market!!!! Yes please! Well done on doing so well at crossfit, especially working around your injury! You are inspiring and kicking butt!! :)

    Kelly xx

    1. Aw thanks so much Kelly! That makes me happy :D He definitely shares my love of food, although it makes trying treats even easier when I have him around! I have little self control in the chocolate isle at the supermarket haha Thanks so much, I love my training at the moment. I hope yours is going well too!!
      Steph x.

  3. what a lovely post! it made me happy! for most of the month of Feb i was grumpy ahahha! and sick and really didn't have time for much happiness :) btw all foodie pics made me hungry ...*going to cook something*


    1. Aw thanks so much! I'm really glad you liked it :D I really hope March is a better month for you x.