Whose Instagram Stories I'm Watching

Sunday, 11 February 2018

I'm definitely that girl who can spend her whole lunch break watching stories on her phone. I wasn't a fan when Instagram first released their stories, but when I fell out of love with Snapchat I realized what all the hype was about. 

So damn easy to use. 

So addictive to keep watching the next story along. 

And no tacky club scenes like on SnapChat. We keep it classy over here. 

So who's icons do I click on first? 

You may recognize this beauty from the Nick show Victorious. I honestly wasn't a fan of her character on the show, but started following her on Instagram somehow. And she's so cool! A dog lover, vegan foodie, and effortlessly stylish. She posts on stories pretty much everyday and I just love seeing her LA lifestyle. 

Acacia Brinley

Such a flawless girl, with #couplegoals (he proposed at Disney under the fireworks <3 ) and a beautiful daughter. She has been trying to eat less meat and I've really enjoyed seeing what vegetarian recipes she has put together. She makes me want to go through my closet and enjoy a comfy hippie style.

Katrin Davidsdottir

I love keeping up with all the CrossFit athletes on Instagram. I'm always curious to how they're training, what they're eating, and what other athletes they're hanging out with. Yeah Katrin is a total badass in the gym, but she's also a big foodie and LOVES shopping. 

Who doesn't watch Hannah's stories? She's the type of blogger you're stoked is successful. She's funny, stylish, relatable, and man she is awesome at writing. She often share's her favorite products in her stories, and we get glimpses of her beautiful little boy!

Norman Cook 
aka Kaley Kuoco

The girl from The Big Bang Theory that's even cuter in real life. Lots of horses, adorable rescue dogs and banter with her future husband.


Disney adventurer, story pics that look better than my feed every will, and the cutest stories that will brighten your day. Go swoon over the talent of this lovely gal!

There you go guys, just some of my favs that I love to watch. Let me know some of yours in comments so I can check them out!

I've also made an Instagram for our new puppy Enzo if you would like to see him grow :)

Steph x.

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