Keeping That New Year's Feeling Alive & Kickin'

Sunday, 4 February 2018

I don't know about you guys, but those few days between Christmas and New Years where you feel like you're in total limbo in the lead up to a new fresh year is one of my favorite times. Nothing beats that New Years rush of excitement, panic, and pure joy of having a year of opportunity ahead of you. 

And then February rolls around and you're like "Uh Oh. A whole month in a my goals have taken a back seat already."

But you can take a deep breath and relax at the thought that you are not alone. Life happens, you get busy, and we all forget what was on our minds on January 1st. It's understandable, although this year I wanted to keep that New Year vibe alive so that I don't lose sight of what I set out to do in 2018. 

Yesterday I had one of those moments to myself where I questioned my day job and what was gonna make me happy. I was wracking my brain to think of options when I almost hit myself on the head. Blogging and social media is what I'm passionate about and the only thing that will make me feel satisfied when it comes to careers. I had forgotten my goals for the year already. 


Where ever your passion lies in 2018 and beyond, you should never EVER lose sight of why it set your soul on fire in the first place. Lately I've been having more fun with Instagram stories and trying to post more than one photo a day if that's what I'm feeling. I'll scroll Bloglovin' and Twitter to keep up with the blogging community. See what topics people are writing about, or just find new bloggers to follow. The more I stay involved, the harder I want to work and make my own little blog shine. 


Boring in an office, hella useful for creatives. This is a really great way to stay on top of what goals you have for the week ahead. Keeping an eye on your long term goals of course, but taking things just week by week (or even day by day) to reach what it is you're dreaming of. You can just sit by yourself with a hot beverage and get out one of the many notepads you've been hoarding up (I know I'm not the only one.) Write a few achievable goals for the next week, even if it's just drinking enough water. You can also write what posts will be going up, plan your Instagram, and check what goals you had the week before to see if you actually achieved them. You can start your Monday feeling super motivated and with your goals in the forefront of your mind. 


Anyone else get stressed and turn into a cranky She-Hulk when they didn't go to bed early enough the night before? Yeah, I feel ya. Just remember that you can't conquer the world if you haven't had enough sleep! Same goes for having enough self-love time, or in my introverted case, time to recharge. So so important. 


This was my mantra coming into 2018 and I'm standing by it. It's perfect for no matter what you're doing in life, At work, when you're driving, walking through a busy mall, or chasing your dreams. I always feel positive in the new year and hate when that leaves me. I always want to feel that hopeful no matter how far into the year it is. A positive attitude can work wonders and it needs to be something we practice year round. 


Most of you probably won't know who this wonderful chick is, but in the CrossFit world she is a legend. She's one of the few that's been there from the beginning of the sport, two time Fittest on Earth champion, and after a heat injury a few years ago she made he way back onto the podium in 2017. Total. CrossFit. Goddess.

Fangirling aside, she posted something that I thought was a really awesome idea. I love the thought of having three mini-goals for the day, everyday. For example, three things that would make my day today awesome would be:

Taking the family dog Bond for a walk
Getting my blog organized and feeling proud
Baked potatoes with dinner

I find if you set out to do things that day, that you know feel good, it puts you in the right mindset for the whole day. You make plans, you do things, and you feel awesome for it. I think I'm gonna try this for a week and keep a notebook as I go. It will be like starting your new years every day!


This was a quote I found on my Pinterest travels a few years back and it hit me like a tonne of bricks y'all. I think we all have those moments on reflection where you think to yourself, "I really didn't handle that well, did I?" But it's a reassuring thought that you don't have to have the same attitude you did a second ago. Thought you were being a bit too bossy at work? You can go reassure someone they're doing a good job. Feeling lazy and eating a whole packet of chips? Pick yourself up, watch a Carly Rowena vlog, put your cutest active gear on and go sweat any way you like. I know it's not always the easiest thing to do, but to know that you CAN change and be better is something to never forget.   

I wanna know how you guys stay inspired and what keeps your New Year Feeling going through the year!
Steph x.


  1. Really love the way you wrote this Steph! :) I sometimes find it easy to lose focus and start getting down when things are happening quick enough. But like you said, i've just got to keep working and keep going. I love writing lists and I love just feeling inspired in general from those around me! Listening to Harry Styles and One Direction helps a lot at the moment too, the songs just make me happy and when I'm happy i'm motivated! :)

    Kelly xx

  2. I'm totally working on being more positive, it gives me so much more motivation to work on my goals! I love the Anne Thorisdottir challenge, too, it looks like it would cause so much positivity! I stay inspired by taking time to do a lot of things that I enjoy like reading, catching up on blogs, and watching movies! Totally loved this post!

  3. This is a super inspiring post. Staying motivated is a dark art but I seem to have started the year off well. I'm going to keep thinking about these tips to help keep me that way!

    Rachael at