Our First Week With Enzo

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Day 1: Welcome Home!

After an emotional goodbye from the family that took such good care of little Enzo, there was a scary care ride where he cling on to Mum (me) quite hard. It was actually good bonding for us because he seemed to feel safe chilling on my lap when he met the rest of the family.

He loves playing on the couch with us and all of his toys have been a big hit.  Loves all the stuff toys I got him from charity shops, especially Mr. Hedgehog. We played on the couch all night, tested potty training on newspaper, and he napped about 6 times in two hours.

People always tell you that the first night sleeping will be horrible, but Enzo was an absolute champ. We are crate training him for sleeping, so we put him in and after about a minute of soft crying he made himself comfortable and we didn't hear a peep out of him all night. That's my boy.

Day 2: Meeting the Fam

His breeder told us they typically wake up around 6am and sure enough I woke up at 6.30am to him stirring in his crate. I'm a morning person, so getting up early for him really doesn't bother me. It was a morning of playing fetch (he brings the ball back to me and everything!) improving his potty training, and so many moments of, "OMG I can't believe you are ours forever." So far he is cheeky and super sweet. He loves following me around and isn't so timid to explore the house today.

We took him to my family home so my Dad could meet him and Enzo could get used to being there from time to time. He and my Mum's dog Bond were getting closer to playing together but Bond has never known how to play. Taking it a day at a time.

Day 3: Positive Progress

He made two wake up calls for us to take him out to the toilet during the night, but other than that Enzo slept like a baby. We both played with him early morning and he was so happy to see us. When I took him into the lounge he ran around like he owned the place. I was so happy to see it, like he feels right at home! He's also finding his little voice this morning, barking at me when his toy fell off the couch and he wants it, or grizzling as he plays.

Now that it has stopped raining, Enzo can finally explore our backyard. After a few visits and ball throws, he was running around like a little maniac! He was so happy with how much space he had to explore and wanted to go out and tear through the grass throughout the day.

Much to my broken-heart, we had to leave him alone in his crate for an hour or so. Both Steve and I had to go out, but I did everything possible to make him comfy: treat ball, water, comfy bed, newspaper, soft toys, chew toys, my hoodie for a familiar scent, and I even put the TV on so he heard voices. Steve reassured me that he was happy chilling when he got home. My brave boy!

Day 4: Finding his stride 

We are getting more and more into a routine now. I'm getting used to how much he eats, how to keep him entertained, and he has gotten used to spending time in his crate (he goes in there on his own free will.) I've learned how much time he loves spending outside. I honestly can't wait until he's big enough to take to parks because I know he will have so much fun. I'm trying to keep him from chewing up the grass and sticks that might splinter, but we have definitely spent more time outside today.

I was a very proud dog Mum this afternoon when it came to driving to my Mum's house. The last two times someone would hold him in the car, but I was by myself today. I put him in his bed with a harness on so he would be safe and not try climb over to me. Once we were down the road he calmed down and just chilled until we got to my Mum's house. On the ride home after he was so tired from playing that he slept the whole way! So proud.

Day 5: Play Date With Granddad

After I got back from an early CrossFit class, I mulled around and wondered why Enzo was so quiet. When I checked on him in our bedroom his crate was open and I saw that he was all tucked up snoozing next to Steve. It was the cutest sight ever! I have a feeling it will become their new routine now.

My Dad looked after him for me when my Mum and I had to go out to the mall. It's still been a work in progress to get our family dog warmed up to the little puppy. But Enzo has been learning good habits from him and where he stands. He gets so excited to see us when we get home!

Day 6: The Best Companion 

Very chilled Friday with the lil man. Not a peep from him all night and he goes straight outside for a potty trip in the morning. It's a hot day today, but he has found his new favorite nap spot between our arm chair and curtains that keeps him cool.

We did a pizza run to Dominoes and he happily chilled on Steve's lap the whole time. We have a plastic bed for him filled with comfy blankets that he travels in and he's very use to it now. He didn't cry much either when we were eating at the table, so I'm hoping this good behavior will continue.

Day 7: Forever Home 

Enzo has pretty much stopped using newspaper for his toilet breaks. He's gotten so good at just going outside himself or following me when I take him out. Still a few accidents but they are getting few and far between.

It's amazing how fast our little man settled into his new home. We were so worried he would miss his family, but I think he has loved not having to share anymore. And he gets ALLLLL the attention from us. He does test us and see what he can get away with, but at the moment the only problem we have is him is jumping on the coffee table or chewing what he isn't supposed to. Just being persistent with our discipline and our smart little boy should pick it up.

We are so in love and Enzo honestly completes our home now. We have our own cute family and it's been fun so far. I'll be sure to keep you updated and Enzo has his own Instagram page if you wanna see how he grows up! 


Steph x. 

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