Sunday Reflections For A Better Week

Sunday, 25 February 2018

What's better than waking up on a Sunday morning? 

It's calm. You've successfully navigated through another week. Maybe no one else is awake, so you can make yourself a cup of coffee and watch whatever you want on TV. 

It's bliss. 

I started thinking today just how much I love and appreciate the freedom and happiness that occurs on a Sunday. It always clears my mind and puts me in the best mood. So what not take advantage of the best day of the week? 

Why not use Sunday to reflect on the week that was and use that to make the next one awesome. 

How was my eating this week? Good, not great. I need to be more prepared for dinners for sure, that's usually where I go wrong. I feel responsible for Steve's meals and so I tend to put him before myself. Not a bad trait to have, but I'm a smart girl and need to have a plan. I'm currently preparing a lentil satay to go with brown rice, so it's a good start to week already. 

My daily routine went out the window this week as my cold came back in full force. I was in and out of the rain and cold on Tuesday, which made me feel awful all week. And seeing as it was the start of the CrossFit Games Open (world-wide workouts done by the whole CF community each week through Feb/March) I wanted to take it easy and save my strength for the first workout. 

I've got that Open fever going into the week, so I'm feeling super-motivated. I want to get a good weeks training done, but take a rest day if that's what my body needs. 

I was disappointed with falling off the wagon with my blog this week, although looking back it wasn't the easiest week for me. Definitely cried myself to sleep one night as things got on top of me. But I'm human and storms don't last forever. 

To go into the new week, I'm gonna get my blog board back up and running where I write what posts I want to publish and my goals. I'm gonna continue to write what feels good to me and what makes me passionate. Whether it's food, my puppy, or a revelation I had in the shower. I love my blog and it deserves more attention. 

There's other areas I wanna concentrate on each Sunday too, and they're pretty important ones. For example: how I handle work stress, my relationships, self-care, and ways to challenge myself. Life gets so busy sometimes and I think we all forget to just take a deep breath every once and a while. 

What are some of your Sunday reflections? 
Steph x. 

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