Seven Awesome Things That Happened In January

Thursday, 1 February 2018

The Best New Years

Before I met Steve my NY Eve used to be pretty low-key. I'd probably stay up late watching Harry Potter and that would be as exciting as it got. Coming into 2018 was by far one of the best New Years nights that I've ever had. My friend's beautiful dogs were there, lots of delicious food (that seriously saved me from a hangover!) I got very tipsy on one strong margarita and we all had a drunken trip to the park to have a go on the playground. It was the most fun I had had in a long while and I loved it. 

Enzo <3 

It was a goal for January to save the bond for a puppy and continue looking/hoping to hear from a breeder. Never did I think that this dream would come true so early in 2018 and it's made me the happiest girl ever. We got to meet the little guy for some cuddles and completely fell in love. It's also made these last few weeks fun as I try and get everything ready for him. If you would like to read the full story I wrote a post all about it. 

We Finally Got Internet In The House

A small victory I know, but after three months of frustration and about fifty phone calls that Steve had to make, we finally ended up with consistent internet. As a blogger, and millennial, you can imagine my relief the day our modem finally showed up. It meant we got to start 2018 the right way and I could finally dedicate more time to my blog. 

Maze Runner: The Death Cure 

I felt like we had to wait so long for this finale to the series (2 years I think?) and WOW was I impressed! The vibe of the book was there and I love that they did justice to the characters right to the end. It was so exciting, tense, and just had me gripped the whole time. I highly recommend you guys to go watch it. Just make sure you do a mini-marathon of the first two movies first.

We got the exact set of drawers that we wanted for our bedroom. For free!

It's hard when you're setting up a flat from scratch to have every piece of furniture ready. Having a set of drawers was something we had always planned to get, but paying bills, Christmas, etc. meant that we had to put it off and just make do in the meantime.
On New Years Eve when I was at my friends house I noticed that they had a lovely set of retro drawers taking up room in the hallway. I asked about them and she said her parents would love to see them gone and would probably end up getting dumped. Luckily I asked because she kindly let us have them and everyone was happy! They're exactly like ones I've seen for sale and complete our room now.

Back to training

As much as getting up at 5am everyday is a drag and my least favorite part of the day, it has felt great to get back into my gym and start working on some goals. I really missed CrossFit through the holidays when I couldn't make it in and I had hoped my fitness wouldn't have suffered too much having a break. I jumped straight back in and it felt good! I even managed a PR on my power snatch lift, so I feel like I'm only going to get better. Happy to be back with my morning crew and starting the year right.

Mini-Golf Date <3

My wonderful Steve surprised me with a trip to the new Christchurch-themed mini golf in town. It was so fun and I managed to win! Haven't played in years but it was just what I needed. Afterwards we even got ice cream and mini doughnuts to make the afternoon perfect.

Happy February everyone! I hope January was awesome for you. Can we all breathe a sigh of relief now that the fabulous Hannah Gale has made her return to the blogging world? : )

What awesome things happened for you in Jan?

Steph x.


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  2. Happy you had a lovely January Steph!! Enzo is adorable and we love the name!!! Hope your February is just as awesome!

    Lucy and Kelly xx