New Year, New Fitness Goals!

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Deepest apologies for the dirty mirror, I just don't often take pictures of myself I like. 

I'm always so in love with that new year feeling. Looking back on what I was able to achieve in 2017 (my first full year of CrossFit) makes me feel pretty proud. I hit some awesome weights, kept my cardio up, made it to the top three in the in-house competition, and it helped me complete a Spartan Race. And that was all with torn knee cartilage.

A fitness journey is exactly that: a journey. There's always bumps in the road and that's okay. If everything went perfectly would we ever learn? So this year I am going to keep trying, keep enjoying the process, and work hard at whatever is put in front of me.

My heavy lifting goals to check off by the end of 2018:

100kg Back Squat

70kg Clean

35kg Snatch

120kg Deadlift

70kg Clean and Jerk

CrossFit can be intense at the best of times and I think the hustle of it all can be hard to keep up with. All through December I struggled to stay motivated, and it's not like me to skip a class. It's also been hard this holiday season too because the class schedule has changed to just one at 9am. I don't get any time off work, so it's impossible to go to a class if I wanted to. But in just another week I can get back into the routine I've grown to love (just not the 5am wake up call.)

There's still so much to learn with CrossFit and so many firsts I still have to achieve. My first muscle up, first toes to bar, strict hand stand push ups, pistol squats, and mastering the hand stand walk. What a badass I will be! 

I think we all need to remind ourselves that fitness should be fun. Make it a challenge but enjoy the process every step of the way. That's gonna be my biggest goal coming into 2018, have fun with my fitness again. 

What are your fitness goals for 2018?
Steph x. 

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  1. You are AMAZING!!! :) I really feel i need to try crossfit now, between you and Carly Rowena, you make it look and sound like so much fun and i love the strength and progress you are making, you are legit kicking ass and i love it! :) I hope to get back into lifting weights this year. Last year got a little too much for me with everything going on and i just didn't want to do it, but i do miss it! Thank you for the inspiration Steph! I love these posts from you and following your journey! :) Lucy xx