Five Other Ways To Use Instagram

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Whether you love it, hate it, or you sit somewhere in between, Instagram is a massive part of the blogging world. I try to avoid any negativity I can and just enjoy it for being an awesome creative platform. I love posting photos and I love seeing others with their beautiful content. It calms me, gives me inspiration, and it's a fun extension of the blogging world.

But is it just for posting and looking at photos? Definitely not. That's just the start of the fun. 

Plan your travels

My family and I have made a few trips the US over the last five years and I have found Instagram to be so damn useful for finding great spots. By searching through hashtags and finding some local accounts, you'll find some awesome recommendations. Foodie places, where to hang out, and most importantly, where to take the best pics for your Insta. You always wanna know where the locals go.

Cafe Reviews

Ever since the earthquakes took out a lot of our city life back in 2012, there has been room for plenty of up and coming cafes to come onto the scene. There's a girl I follow called Christchurch Foodie who tries all the new spots and shares her favorite spots. I get excited whenever I see her post so I can plan where to check out at the weekend. Local Instas are the best for seeing what's good in your city. Even when she does trips to other parts of the country, I take note for when I might visit and follow the epic places she eats at. Find people who specialize in your area and use them as your city guide.

Celebrate your pet

I'm a sucker for animal Instagrams and there are some talented people out there that rock at it. And who doesn't love looking at pictures of cute cats and dogs? This is really fun way to work on your photography skills and show the world why your pet is cutest ever. You can bet I'll be making one for my future dog!

Find new bloggers

I spend quite a bit of time going through different hashtags (#lbloggers #thegirlgang) and spread some love with likes. If I like someone's style I will go check out the link to their blog and it's led me to finding some really awesome new bloggers to follow. We all know how hard it is (impossible even) to grow an audience on Instagram, so showing a little support here and there can mean the world to someone.

Healthy Recipe Ideas

There have been a few people over the years that I've followed for their fitness inspiration, especially if they remain big foodies too. You can find awesome recipes for smoothies, protein waffles, cookies, almost anything! I normally take a screenshot and use it as inspiration for the next time I wanna try out something new.

Well there you go! Five fun new ways to explore Instagram and renew your love for the platform. 
These are pretty much my favorites and what I do on an average Sunday afternoon. 

What's your favorite way to use Instagram?
Steph x. 


  1. Great ideas! I hadn't thought of using Instagram as kind of a search tool for finding things out about places I want to visit, or restaurants etc. I've just started travelling around NZ myself, so I will definitely be trying this out to find out about new places!

    The North Left

    1. Oh definitely! I hope you find some awesome ones and enjoy your trip:D
      Steph x.

  2. Instagram is so good to find new bloggers.
    I just find it sad that most people follow expecting a follow back. I am all about finding new, beautiful accounts and becoming a genuine follower and I truly expect the same from whoever follows me but it just isn't like that. It gets really frustrating when people unfollow you clearly because you didn't follow back.

    Loved reading this post x

    1. Yeah those people are definitely not worth your time. The only positive is that you can still build a community that appreciate your content, not just a follow. True people will support you :)

  3. showcase your pet. AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN! let me see alllll the cute cat and dog photos please!

    katie. xx

    1. YES!! It legit brightens my day and makes me so happy scrolling cute animals. It's the best :D
      Steph x.