Six Blog Posts Worth Reading This Week

Friday, 12 January 2018

Hello Everyone! How is 2018 treating you so far?

I'm still loving all of the positivity coming up on my Twitter/Bloglovin'/Instagram feed. Everyone seems ready to make it their best year yet and I'm so digging it. Let's keep this motivation up all year, shall we?

I love supporting other bloggers and simply reading their posts is one of the easiest ways to do so. And whenever I do read an amazing post all I want to do is share it to make sure it gets the credit it deserves. These posts are one of my favorites to put together and hopefully it helps you guys discover some new favorites too. 

The Little Plum 

Thanks Chloe, I did need a little nudge actually. Careers are tricky, especially for those of us who want to make it big as content creators. Chloe tells how she was offered an incredible opportunity, but fear stood in her way. Something I think many of us have experienced. She tells a very honest story and you leave it feeling so inspired to kick some ass in 2018. 

Sophie's Make-Up 

A short and sweet blog post that seriously makes me want to write out my own (I think I will) and it's all about being wonderfully organized. I'm just sad I can't make my own trip to IKEA for new house bits and bobs! 


I can't explain how much I loved reading this post. It was funny and oh so realistic. I still think the photos she included are stunning and the stories behind them show the real side of taking blog pics in public. This post is simply brilliant. 

The Kitty Luxe

This post has legitimately changed how I'm approaching blogging this year. And not just blogging, but making something of myself in this community. She talks about having a signature voice that you are known for and is 100% who you are, as well as how she made it as a full-time blogger (spoiler alert* it was just A LOT of hard work.) I will take advice from this girl any day. 

Being Erica
The Vegan Diaries: Week One 

I heard the term Veganary being thrown around on Twitter a lot in late December/New Year and I honestly think it's a wonderful idea. It's a lifestyle that helps lower our impact on the planet, so I'm all for it. I was interested to see how bloggers were getting on with the experience and Erica has a detailed post at the ready. It would be really helpful to anyone else participating or just wanting to try out being vegan.

Natalie Leanne

It's so lovely seeing someone super-proud with their corner of the blogging world. I feel the same and it's a great feeling. This post is so worth the read for any blogger (or aspiring!) especially this time of year when we are all setting goals for 2018.

What blog posts have you loved this week?
Steph x.


  1. I've read a few of them too !

  2. Ooh we will have to have a read of these lovely blogs that have been inspiring you Steph. We always love finding new ones! :) Thank you for sharing! Lucy xx

  3. Ooh I'm always looking for super inspiring things to read, defo gonna check these out! Seeing other people's to do lists always makes me feel super determined to make one 💖

  4. Thank you for sharing all these amazing posts! I definitely have found a few more blogs to follow now!

    Love Sian | Sian Lifts Weights ♥

  5. I'm going to read all of them now! I have been so slack with my blog reading at the moment and I think I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms!