Life Update: We're Getting A Puppy!

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Hello Everyone!

Just a quick post to announce some pretty exciting news that I can't stop thinking about. And I can't express how FLIPPING EXCITED I AM! 

Steve and I talked about getting a dog long before we even moved in together and he knew it was not negotiable with a dog-obsessed girl like me. It was all I wanted for Christmas/my birthday last year and we knew 2018 would be the year to adopt a pup. 
I've always grown up with dogs and now that I'm at the point in my life where I could have one of my own, I was determined to make it happen. 

On Thursday afternoon I got to my Mum's house to pick her up for work and the first thing she said was that she found Spoodle puppies for sale. I was pretty happy because they don't come up much to buy where I live. We had a look and the puppies where just so beautiful. Spoodles were definitely in my top 5 list of what dog to get too. Obviously it was a big commitment to jump into and a lot of money, but puppies sell so damn fast. I messaged Steve right away to see what he thought/begged him to consider getting one. I said there was no harm in seeing if any of the boys were available, so he emailed the owner for me. 

We were in luck. 

Three boys were still up for adoption and we could visit them at 7.30pm the next night.

It seemed meant to be for a few reasons. One was that this was the first of many tries to have puppies still available. I think we have made about three phone calls in the last few months that haven't worked out. And also because these pups were actually born on mine and Steve's anniversary/my brother's birthday. That in itself was a sure sign for me. 

All of the puppies looked healthy and happy running around. But despite the cuteness of all six, there was one pup we were sold on from the second we saw him. Enzo was the only black one of the litter, so I loved that he was unique already. The owner allowed us to play with the puppies for a good half an hour which meant that I was in utter bliss. We were definitely in love with little Enzo and despite the owner's daughter being reluctant to give him up, we assured them he would be going to a good home and would be so loved. We paid the deposit swiftly and he was officially ours!

Only a few more weeks until he is big enough to come home, which gives us time to prep the house. It will be the longest time we have to wait for him and I know everyone will get sick of me talking about him. I know we have to go through potty training and a few sleepless nights, but at the end of the day will be having a lovely dog for many years to come. I get excited just thinking about all of the adventures we can go on.

It's a big, big dream come true for us.
You can look forward to lots of updates on Enzo and how he progresses. And he will definitely be getting his own Instagram account soon!

What kinds of doggy posts would you like to see?
Steph x.

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