October Fitness Update + My Current Goals

Monday, 24 October 2016

Hello, Everyone!

October seemed to be quite the uneventful month in terms of fitness for me. Although it did bring some personal best results that make me feel like supergirl! Spartan race training has been underway and I'm already improving on some of the challenges I'm setting myself. Unfortunately I am still trainer-less and have been thinking a lot about how I can get a little guidance. I have researched other gyms, crossfit classes I can take, and have been writing out my own programs. I've even inquired about a boxing gym for extra workout time soon! I'm still unsure of which way to go, but hopefully November will be the month I get it all sorted.

Favorite Exercise This Month: Russian Twists

I have once again started my pursuit of abs/flat stomach and this has exercise has really been helping me feel more toned on my sides. I usually do them with a 10kg dumbbell (better grip) and go for 30 reps. It really gets you burning and on my third set I always have to really push the last few reps. It's a great exercise to chuck in at the end of your workout and I'm feeling the results after only a few weeks! 

 Since I don't have much to update you on, I thought that I would also include some fitness goals that I have set myself recently. I always work so much harder when I have a number/weight to work towards and it's so rewarding when I finally reach it.

November Goals:

Tone those legs! 

For the longest while my arms have been my sore spot and I've concentrated on getting them toned up. I'm definitely getting happy with them now (hard work pays off yall!) but now my legs are getting me a little self-conscious. And I'm a lover of shorts, so that just can't happen. I've been sneaking in a few leg exercises into my arm routine and really going hard on the leg days I have twice a week. I found a Heidi Somers inner thigh workout that I have been loving (and left me sore for about a week.) Lot's of sumo squats, lunges, Bulgarian split squats, and leg press sessions for me!

10 pull-ups with no help

This is something that I have been slowly chipping away at for a while now, and I am still so determined to get to that magical number ten! I usually enjoy attempting these at the gym too since it makes me feel a tab bit bad-ass. The plan is to add one more on to my number per week. I can currently do 5, but next week I'm gonna go for 6. I'll let you know how it goes.

Leg Press twice my body weight

 The one thing that has surprised me about my body since getting into fitness is how strong my legs are. I may struggle to do 50kg deadlifts, but you make me do hip-thrusts with it and I will make it look like air! I've started using the leg press again and I've found that I can increase the weights a lot quicker than normal. I can currently do 80kgs, but being able to get to 120kgs would be the Wonder Woman dream. I've always had thick thighs, so they have to be good for something! (other than it making me closer to being a mermaid, of course.)
Update: I successfully completed this one! I managed 8 reps of it too. Next stop 150kgs!

Bench Press 20kgs

This has been a little devil amongst my workout routine for sometime now. Instead of walking past the bench and going straight to the weight rack, I've been trying to make it my mission to master the thing. So far I've been able to up my weight from 5kg to 10kg, which felt like such a big achievement for me. I'm going to keep working at it and see if I can't increase it again soon. It ain't gonna beat me!

Squat 80kgs 

It's the best feeling ever when you walk into the gym and your beloved squat rack is available. I love that hunk of metal. Which means that in order to be the Queen of Squats, I want/need to be pushing myself harder to rack up more weights. My personal best was 65kgs, but that was a while ago and I have been working on building it up again. Imagine if I can get to 100!? Not if - when.

Run 10kms in under an hour

The other week, my Mum and me participated in an 11km fun run and we did our best time yet of one hour and 13mins. We were over the moon! Since the running season has started, we have another event coming up soon that's only 10km. Our goal is to keep a good pace and make it to that finish line before the hour ticks over! Can we do it? Of course! If not, we will get it next time.

What are some of your fitness goals you want to achieve?
Steph x.


  1. I am loving these goals!! I can't believe you can nearly squat 80kg girl! That's insane!!! I am stuck at 40kg at the moment and bench is stuck at 30kg, and deadlifts being 70kg! You are so inspiring and kicking so much ass recently!

    1. Thanks girl! I'm not there yet, but trying slowly. Whoa those are some crazy weights!! Keep up the awesome work. Man I wish we could be gym buddies and lift together! :D
      Steph x.