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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

I absolutely love that my Instagram feed is full of amazing people doing amazing things. I get a lot of inspiration from scrolling through it during the day. Lately I've really been getting into the health/fitness side of Instagram and it's helped me stay on track with my own goals. Whether it's colorful fruit bowls, protein pancakes or workout options, I'm all over it!

I've found some amazing feeds lately and since they inspire me so much, I thought you guys might enjoy finding some new accounts to check out. It's not all just green goodness and squats either, wait until you see these macro friendly desserts...

Courtney Swan / realfoodology 

Photos: realfoodology Instagram

This amazing gal is on a mission to change the world...through food! Her feed is full of delicious and colorful eats that will inspire your healthy side. She's also a nutrition student, so some of her posts are accompanied by facts to help us all understand our food better. They're also incredibly beautiful and make me want to go out and buy green smoothies all day long. If that's not a positive influence, I don't know what is!

Kristina Mathewson / kmathewsonn

Photos: kmathewsonn Instagram

Look at those guns! Kristina is amazing for including her workout routine in her posts, with reps and all. I'm always on the lookout for ways to change up my routine, so I love her for this. She's also a massive fan of protein doughnuts (who isn't?) and other macro-friendly treats. I find her posts super-motivating and she's just a lovely gal!

Michelle / madlymish

Photos: madlymish Instagram

If you're looking for some killer gym-inspiration with moves to match, Michelle is your girl! She posts a lot of videos of exercises that you can incorporate into your own routine. Her captions are always worth a read as well. She gives details on reps, how she's feeling, and awesome advice. If you need meal prep inspo, Michelle will often share what she's eating too! Relatable and lovely, this girl is so worth the follow.

Sarah / eat.and.repeat

Photos: eat.and.repeat Instagram

You may be thinking "How can she eat desserts like that and look so good?" Well, she is one smart cookie! Sarah knows how to create macro-friendly treats that will make your mouth water. She's also amazing for encouraging her followers to never feel guilty about eating your favorite foods. We all need a healthy relationship with nutrition, and this gal will really help you with that. Anyone who is a fan of protein pancakes is a superstar in my books!

Heidi Somers / BuffBunny

Photos: BuffBunny Instagram

How could I not include Heidi in this list? She has become a big inspiration for me and is basically every girl's fitness BFF. She may be a famous model/YouTuber, but Heidi is really down to earth and is always honest about her struggles. She's goofy and also a total gym bad ass. I love the workouts that she shares and her Insta captions are often filled with motivational advice that can pick you up on a rough day. Never under-estimate her blonde locks and hot bod, she is one hard-working gal!

Jordan / thejordyjourney

Photos: thejordyjourney Instagram

This girl does not have the follower count she deserves for having such great content on her Instagram. If you're looking to follow someone who is passionate about health and fitness, then Jordan is perfect. She shares deliciously healthy snack ideas, plus lessons she is learning along her fitness journey. Such a lovely girl that you'll want to cheer for and feel inspired to make a few changes yourself. BTW, that transformation picture is only a year apart!

Natalay / fitnhealthy_

Photos: fitnhealthy_ Instagram

While Natalay loves fitness, you'll mostly find her passion for food on her feed. And it's a good thing too, because she is constantly creating the most amazing food that I want to make immediately. Her colorful snaps come with recipes for you to try out. She makes healthy eating beautiful and easy to create, even in a rush. If you're struggling for food ideas, Natalay is a perfect follow for you.

I hope you guys find as much inspiration as I do with these lovely ladies. I think it's awesome that Instagram is a place for all of us to come together and share our love of health and fitness.

Who are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration?
Steph x.

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  1. ooo I need to follow some of these accounts!


  2. Thank you for sharing all these amazing and inspiring accounts ! :)