Daily Blog: Sunday Family Time, Lush, & New Books!

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Happy Sunday Everyone! 
Sorry I haven't done one of these in a while. This past week has been a hard one for my family, so it was tough to get back to blogging with my usual enthusiasm. But I'm back now and thought I would share my day with you!

Just watching the latest Dan and Phil Sims video. I love this series because it means I can enjoy the game without getting addicted myself!

It was my Grandad's 91st birthday on Wednesday and I am making him a birthday cake like I always do. Since I've made chocolate in the past, I went for something different today and decided to make a lemon polenta cake! Never made one before, but I'm following this Nigella recipe which means I can't go wrong. *crossing fingers*

Just having a little pre-run snack of Sultana Bran Buds and a little soy milk. I was craving these when we went to go do the food shopping and their nutritional content is actually pretty good. They have a good hit of carbs to give me energy for the hills I'm about to climb. Still loving my new hair! 

We had a good run today! A little windy, but at least it pushed us up the hill a little faster. My legs are feeling a little weak, so I'm having a protein shake to help them recover. The best thing I ever did was go back to chocolate flavored whey! 

I'm all showered and ready now for lunch with the family. We're going to go and pick up my Grandad and take him to one of his favorite places. The cake came out great! I had to use canola oil instead of butter, but I'm sure it will taste fine. 

For lunch I ordered the eggs benedict with mushrooms and spinach. The menu wasn't really on the healthy side, but I can totally count the eggs as protein. The fries I stole from my Mum's plate never happened...
It's always lovely spending time with my Grandad. He's such a simple man, he just wants food and good company. I love hearing his old stories about being a tram driver and some of the antics he got up to as a lad. At 91 he's still going strong! 

Mum and me ditched the boys so that we could quickly pop into Lush. Since both of us got our hair colored yesterday, we need some new products to take care of or new dos. I also spent ages smelling all of the amazing Christmas bath bombs! Those penguins just make me so happy for some reason : )

After devouring some of my lemon polenta cake with the family (it was delicious and Grandad loved it!) we arrived back home. It's pretty cold outside, so I quickly jumped into my favorite Harvard hoodie to get warm. 

Lush Haul! 
We got some of our favorite Daddy-O violet shampoo that holds blonde color really well (and smells incredible too.) Mum also got a block of Queen Bee, which is a moisturizing balm that you can use to style your hair. And I picked up a big jar of Retread to use as a hair treatment. My hair dresser suggested getting something to really help nourish any damage done to my hair and this one is full of goodness. I'm not a fan of buying chemical products to help repair damage done by more chemicals. Lush just makes my hair feel amazing and I can keep it natural too. 

I got some exciting book mail yesterday! I ordered these from Book Depository a couple of weeks ago and I'm so happy that they have finally arrived. 
I've been dying to read the Raven King all year to finish off the series and find out the truth behind all the mysteries. This series is incredible and the build up to this final book has me excited (and a tad bit nervous too.) I also had to get Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children after loving the movie and hearing everyone rave about the books. Even after flicking through a few pages, I can't wait to read this one too!

Confession: My eating has been so bad over the weekend, but after losing our dog yesterday I just needed to eat my feelings. We were also quite tired and no one felt like cooking, so Chinese food it was! Let's just count it as a little bulking.

Just a short one today. It's been a weird week, but hopefully everything can get back to normal soon! I've got lots of fitness posts coming up so stay tuned. 

How did you spend your Sunday? I hope you had a great weekend!
Steph x. 


  1. So much yummy looking food!! Makes me hungry...
    I've been obsessed with the Dil videos, and Dan and Phil just make it so funny to watch each time :) I really need to go to Lush soon so I can check out the winter goodies! :) Tania Michele xx

    1. Haha sorry! I'm so glad you love Dan & Phil Sims too :D I can't believe how similar Dil is to the two of them. You definitely need to take a trip to Lush! There's so many goodies in at this time of year x.