Daily Blog: Pull-Ups of Doom & Baked Oatmeal!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Happy Monday, everyone! That's genuine enthusiasm by the way, I love Mondays. 

Just my usual porridge for breakfast this morning. I was craving is so bad last night before bed! 

Getting organized for the gym and I'm so excited to get back to doing arm work! Finally I can have some fun with weights again. I love leg day too, but doing it everyday took the joy out of it. It also means that I get to use my new training gloves!

Gym time!
I didn't want to go too hard today in case I damage my shoulders since they haven't been worked in a while. I started with my arm program:

Ropes 1 min
Reverse lunges/bicep curls with 5kg
Ropes 1 min
Cable pushdowns 18kg, for 1 min

Then I moved on to pull-ups of doom! This is where you do a pull-up, then come down and do a burpee, come up and do another pull-up and so on. It was actually a really fun challenge! I could only do 5 reps, but I always need something to work on.

I also did a circuit of kettle bell swings and raised push-ups. I did my ab workout too then jumped on the treadmill to finish off with some cardio.

Home again and it's time to get organized! I have to re-do my blog white-board for the week and write down some goals for the month. Exciting things ahead!

Lunch time and I'm having my meal prep that I made yesterday. It's miso baked tofu, soba noodles, sweet potato and vegetables. So good!

Really felt like another detox smoothie. It's the same as the one I made the other day (apple, pear, lemon, kale, cucumber, celery, and coconut water.)

I came across a recipe the other day for baked oatmeal, which reminded me of these amazing oat cakes Pure Cafe co. has. I searched for a few healthy recipes and found one that suited me best and decided to give it a go! 

This is the recipe I based mine off of, but I did make a few changes. I added some cinnamon, protein powder, and used buckwheat flour instead of oat flour. I also put some sliced apples and coconut on top for extra texture! Hopefully this should prep my breakfasts for the next few days.

When you need your bed for blog photos, but your dog is too sleepy to move...

My baked oatmeal came out so good! Adding the cinnamon was a nice touch. I'm having a serving of it with some coconut yogurt and a cheeky swig of maple syrup while I watch some Anna Saccone videos. Yum!

Yesterday I started going through some of the health and fitness magazines my Mum hoards up, in an attempt to read and learn from the nutrition articles. I really wanna know more about how foods work with your body, so I'm using these as the start of a little research venture. 

It's now around 6pm and the dogs are crying for their dinner. I'm going to make a snack before I start making my own, because I always end up nibbling on EVERYTHING in sight if I cook when I'm hungry. It's seriously a problem. I made grain wafers with hummus, pesto, tuna, and avocado. Great protein hit to keep me full while I cook!

Finally sitting down to dinner. Mum was held up at work so I'm starving right now. I made cauliflower rice with onions, garlic, peppers, chili, black beans and some quorn pieces. I may have added too much garlic, but at least it will be good for our immune systems!

Just getting some tweets scheduled before I head off to bed and to keep me entertained I'm watching Bride Wars again. Love this movie so much!

I also remembered to roll out my shoulders before I sleep too. Such a nice and productive day to start the week.

Let me know if you guys want me to put up my baked oatmeal recipe!
Steph x.

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