Daily Blog: New Training Schedule & Supplements!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Good Morning, Everyone!

Just got back from a session at the gym. I've been really good all week and have gone in at 7am for an hour of cardio. I will admit that it was a real struggle to get up this morning, but I've got to discipline myself. I'm not going to get in shape for my holiday or get sponsored as an athlete if I sleep in!

So desperate for my coffee right now! Refueling on some protein porridge to get me ready for round two. 

Gonna get a little journal writing done now. I haven't done it in a few days, so I think it's time I sit down and get some thoughts onto the page. All about self-care at the moment!

I've started taking BCAA as part of my supplements. I've seen a lot of other gym girls and YouTubers taking it, and since my training is getting more intense I thought it was time to try it. BCAA is designed to help build muscle and for better performance, which is exactly what I need. We'll see how it goes! Also had to buy a new shaker because my other one got a crack on the bottom. But this one is so cute!

And I'm back to the gym once again. I swear the trainers are going to get sick of seeing me so often! Anyway, I'm just doing an upper body workout today with lot of bench presses, pull ups, and cable pulls. I forgot my peanut butter in my other bag (gym-junkie problems), so I had to go buy a protein ball from the cafe next door. So hungry and it was so worth it!

Time for another run with mum. She's battling a cold right now, so we are taking it slower today. And thank goodness because leg day got me good from the day before!
I was trying to play Pokemon Go as I was running, but my phone would freeze/crash every time one appeared :( It was still a good run though. 

Rolling out my sore muscles and getting some protein in me! Now I really need to hop in the shower to get warm. Autumn/Winter running is always great until you stop and feel the cold again.

Time for lunch! You guys are probably sick of seeing the same thing by now, but I still love having this for my meal prep. It's miso baked tofu with sweet potato, brown rice and vegetables. Yum!

I spent the afternoon working on blog posts then had to rush off for a shift at work. I got super hungry, which is why I always keep some mini protein bars in my bag. Otherwise I just go home and eat half the fridge before I finish making dinner. Is it weird or smart to keep snacks in different bags?

We just had a really simple brown rice stir-fry with lots of vegetables for dinner. Hopefully the rice will give me lots of energy for tomorrow!

I forgot we still had a mango in the fridge, so I've topped it with some honey for a healthy dessert. I would usually have coconut yogurt to go with it, but we've sadly run out.

Today was a little boring, but I wanted to update you guys on my new training schedule and I get excited about trying new supplements (anyone else?)

Steph x.


  1. Yay I love curling up and having some me time reading your blog! :) You are kicking ass with your workouts!!! :) Do you like taking the BCAA's? I've been meaning to ask my brother if they would be good for me to try too. That protein bar also looks very yummy, I will have to see if we have those ones here! I've learnt to pack them in my bag for when i'm out and about or running errands as I get hungry all the time and will most definitely raid the fridge too if i'm not careful! :p xxx

    Lucy x |~ SweetIsAlwaysInStyle || Lifestyle Blog ~

    1. It's comments like yours that make me want to write more! Thanks so much, these workouts are tiring me out though. Lots of coffee to help me! I really like BCAAs so far, can you let me know what your brother says about them? Ooo we should totally do a swap box of all our favorite treats! I could send you and Kelly some New Zealand stuff to try :) So glad I'm not the only one who keeps snacks!
      Steph x.
      Steph x.