Daily Blog: Pokemon Hunting & Eating All The Food!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Happy Friday! 

After not being able to do it all week, I am finally back to doing double workouts. I'm up early this morning to be at the gym by 7am and I made myself a protein smoothie to have before I go. Last week  got a little dizzy and my trainer asked what I'd eaten (which was just a banana) so he told me to have a protein shake instead. I combine the two and make a smoothie of: 

Almond Milk
Maca Powder
Peanut butter

It gives me great energy, yet doesn't fill me up too much. My diet is pretty much bananas and peanut butter anyway!

It may be Friday, but that's no excuse to not hit the gym. Let's do it!

My morning sessions are usually just a bit of cardio and whatever equipment I feel like working with. Today I did: 

10 minute cross-trainer warmup 
Deadlifts 30kg (5 sets)
Bent Over Rows 25kg (5 sets) 
Squats x10 40kg
Leg Press 40-50kg
10 minute treadmill incline walk  

I would have taken more photos, but the gym was getting a little busy. I did have to introduce you to Milo! He belongs to the gym/cafe owners and will quite often sit in the office if it's too cold outside for him. Such a sweetie! 

Home for some much-needed food. I have a blog post coming next week that I really needed to take photos for, so I quickly did a little shoot while the light is good. 

Now I can eat! I'm really enjoying the Sacconejolys lately, now that Anna is feeling better and getting back into vlogging. I missed her so much! She's one of my favorite people ever. 

Now that my coffee has kicked in, it's time to do a little writing in my journal and get some goals for the day sorted. Exercise makes me feel so productive, just one of the many reasons why I love fitness. It's going to be another busy day. 

House chores are done, so I can head back to the gym for round two! I'm wearing all black today (as always!) 

I'm taking one of the protein balls I made last week with me, because I'm going out for a run after the gym. I always need that extra energy to get me through. 

Still loving my new Nike training bag! 

Can't forget to take my BCAA with me. Planning on lifting a lot of weights today. 

It's chest/back day, which isn't a favorite of mine but it must be done. I did a 500m sprint on the rower then go straight on to chest presses with 7kg dumbbells. 

I also worked on my pull-ups (which really need work!) and I did some ball throws as well for a bit of fun. I struggled a little bit today, because I did a new arm program with my trainer yesterday and it got my biceps burning! He said I would only have to do it once a week since that's how long it might take to recover...oh, fun! Good thing I love challenges.

After some more work with weights and some ab exercises, I'm all done and ready to get some fresh air/cardio/hunt some Pokemon.

So, I was too busy to take photos of my running route, which was beautiful with the sun out, because I was having the best time playing Pokemon Go! My phone was actually functioning properly for once and I caught four in the first five minutes. Most of them were new ones too! I still haven't caught an Eevee (my favorite) but I did catch a Vulpix which is just as amazing. My phone won't usually hold up, but somehow it did and I caught 12 Pokemon all up. My Mum probably hates running with me now. 

Home for the all-important protein smoothie and a hot shower. Felt really great running today, nice and strong. 

So excited to dig into my lunch, which is the last of my meal prep. Yes, I managed to burn my tofu a little when I cooked it, but it's nothing a little sweet chili sauce can't fix! Since it's all quite spicy, I'm also having a pear with some honey drizzled on top to help calm my taste buds down.

After editing blog posts all afternoon, I thought it was time for a snack. I've been craving salmon a lot lately (omega-3s help my brain power too!) so I slathered some cream cheese onto GF bread, along with some horseradish spread. I have to have my veges too!

Back from another crazy night at work, but I had this amazing meal to look forward to! It's marinated squid with a lentil salad, and it was delicious. My Mum soaks the squid in kiwifruit first to help it get really tender and it works every time.

Spending my Friday night doing what I always do: binge-watch Chuck and catch up on my Twitter feed. I'm still hungry, so I made a bowl of yogurt, banana, raisins, pumpkin seeds and honey. It was so good, I need to make it again. I've also been drinking orange & elder-blossom green tea, which may be my new favorite flavor.

Hurray it's the weekend! I'm excited to go see the new Star Trek movie tomorrow night, because I'm a sucker for those films. Also it's Comic Con weekend! There's gonna be so many new trailers and interviews for me to watch. I will be glued to Zachary Levi's Nerd HQ panels on YouTube.

What are you guys getting up to in the weekend?

Steph x.


  1. Yay, love these posts Steph! I always get so excited to read them! :) You are looking awesome and are killing it at the gym, I like the sound of the ball throws and might try doing some of them! :) Yay for yummy food pics, I need to get my food prep done tomorrow and your pictures always motivate me! :) Kelly and I are completely hooked to The Nerd Machine youtube channel at this time of year too, i'm like an hour of Zachary Levi talking...yes please and thank you!! :) One day we will have to go, it looks so awesome! xxx

    Lucy x |~ SweetIsAlwaysInStyle || Lifestyle Blog ~

    1. I'm so glad you like them! I need to do them more often, but I don't want it to get boring by showing the same stuff all the time. Aw you are too sweet! It's so cool that you enjoy meal prep as well :) OMG me too!! I could listen to Zach talking all day long. He gets so inspirational and funny, I love him! Definitely on the bucketlist too.
      Steph x.