Daily Blog: Double Gym Session & Hawaii Tattoo?

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Happy Friday Everyone!

I have an early gym session booked for 7.30am today, so I had to be up by 6.30am. I was supposed to do boxing yesterday, but it turned into my trainer stretching out some of my tense muscles. I haven't done a proper boxing session in three weeks, so I was determined to do it this week! 

It was actually really nice to be out so early and do a little morning cardio. My trainer had me attached to two resistance bands while running out and punching, which was fun! He had a good laugh at me to, so it was a great start to Friday. 

I'm going back to the gym at my usual time for a proper workout, so it's home again for some breakfast. Since I had a banana as a pre-gym snack, I'm just going to have grated apple and blueberries as my porridge toppers this morning. It was such a good choice!

Gotta make some granola for Mum! This recipe by Lola  Berry is seriously good, I've made it so many times that I know the recipe by heart now.

I've changed into some fresh workout clothes and I'm ready for round two at the gym! 

I concentrated on my arms today and worked through three different circuits. It's still my favorite way to train and I feel like I'm building up some endurance.

Circuit one: 
Ropes 1min
Balance trainer squats with 4kg
Bicep curls 10kg bar 

Circuit two: 
Pull-Ups of Doom (with burpees)
Ball throws 4kg 

Circuit three: 
Jump Rope 1min
Reverse lunges with bicep curls 5kg 
Push-ups (max) 

Then I moved on to some ab work and rolled out my shoulders for a little bit. They are feeling so much better lately!

And the training doesn't end there! I met my Mum for a run around the parks. Compared to the gym stuff, this is my leisurely cardio and just some good bonding time. The weather is nice and cool today! 

After training for three hours day, my body is in need of food and rest. I picked up a couple of Pure Cafe co's Protein Balls before I left the gym today and I'm so happy that I did. These are one of my absolute favorite snacks ever. I'm dying to get the recipe! 

Sorry I forgot to show you my lunch! I was too focused on refueling myself, but it was just the same meal prep that I had the other day. Now I'm just getting some caffeine in me and having a pear. I also watched Mr Ben Brown's latest vlog and he just had the best day in New York! He got two tattoos done, then went in a helicopter over the city. Talk about living the dream! Here it is if you want to check it out: 

I've just been getting blog work done and I went on Instagram to try and find a Hawaiian tattoo artist. We are going to be in Waikiki beach for five days and I always said that I would get a wave tattoo done there. And I found the perfect guy! His handle is @paulo_pacificsoultattoo and he does absolutely amazing designs that are tradition, yet very modern. Great line work, which is what I was after. I've emailed him, so fingers crossed he's available to help me out with my new tattoo!

My throat has been a little sore today, so I made myself a wellness smoothie of:

cayenne pepper

  I feel better already!

Time for my afternoon snack and I'm having a boiled egg, celery & carrot sticks, and some Midnight Baker bread that is full of amazing nuts and seeds, as well as being GF. So yummy! I had some hummus and pesto on top.

Home from a very hectic night at work and it's time to dig into dinner. We made vegetarian burgers with mushrooms as the buns!

Having another Friday night Chuck-a-thon. For a little bit of dessert I've just got some stewed tamarillos, coconut yogurt, honey, and some granola. Healthy, but so good.

To finish off my night, I'm just jotting down some thoughts in my new journal. I'm getting back into keeping a diary, so that my head doesn't get clogged up like it has been. Trying to build healthy habits!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Let me know what you plan on getting up to : )

Steph x.


  1. Looks like having a portion of porridge for breakfast every morning is something we have in common haha :) These posts motivate me to get back into running. I can't remember the last time I've been on a run but I'm determined to start again now that I'm on summer break x

    Sara / AboutLittleThings

    1. Haha I'm glad you love porridge too! Aww that makes me really happy, I hope you have fun running again :)
      Steph x.

  2. Oh wow that's such an intense day of exercise! Even one of those things would have me knackered haha. Your porridge looks divine, and I really hope you get the tattoo you want in Hawaii, it sounds fab!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

    1. Haha I know, I was pretty much running on caffeine that day. Aw thank you so much, I really hope I can get it done too :)
      Steph x.