Daily Blog: Protein Bowl & New Training Gear!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Happy Saturday! 

 I had my usual porridge with banana and blueberries this morning and I'm now writing out a packing list for my holiday! It is bad that it's still 7 weeks away though? I just love writing lists and being organized. I always revise what I need to pack, and add more on so I don't forget everything. 

Time for our usual walk/run up the hills not far from where we live. It's a little cold this morning, but the sun is shining so I'm happy! 

There's more snow on the mountains this week! Still a little early for skiing, but hopefully I can go soon. 

Back to our favorite cafe for some much-needed refueling. I did have a protein ball (the best ever, made from peanut butter) but I never manage to get a picture because I get so hungry after a run that I just inhale it. 

My Mum went for the special, which was a paleo vege burger. How cool does that look? Apparently it tasted amazing too. I got a protein bowl made from spinach, mushrooms, egg whites, avocado, salsa, and cashew hollandaise sauce. It was incredible and perfect for recharging my energy levels. 

We got cake too :)

There was a sale at one of our favorite sports stores today, so of course we had to go check it out. It was also perfect timing because my Nike training gloves are getting holes in the fingers. I have been eyeing up a pair of Under Armor ones for a while that have amazing grip on them. I managed to get the last pair in my size and I also picked up a Nike gym bag to replace my one that broke. It was almost half price, so I thought I might as well! 

Time for an afternoon detox smoothie. Since I'm always out and about on Saturdays, it's a really great way for me to sneak in some extra nutrients and hydration. I added:

Coconut Water 

I wanted to have something hearty before I went off to work, so I made a fried rice dish with lots of flavor and heat in there. I added some egg for extra protein to get me through to dinner time. So good!

Home from work and I forgot to show you my cheat meal for the week: Fish and chips. For dessert I had coconut yogurt with stewed tamarillos, chia seeds and a crumbed oat bar. I found Bride Wars on Netflix, which is probably my favorite chick flick ever. Perfect Saturday night-in!

What did you get up to this Saturday?
Steph x.


  1. I love your daily blogs!


    1. Thanks so much! That makes me really happy :)
      Steph x.

  2. I want to see a photo of protein ball! Ha ha. :]

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    1. Haha next time, I promise!! They're just too delicious.
      Steph x.