My Top 5 Superheroes

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Who's ready to rave about some heroes?
If you hadn't guess already, I can be a bit of a tom-boy when it comes to my movie choices. My favorite films don't usually include chick-flicks (although I do enjoy them) but growing up with an older brother meant that we always needed some butt-kicking action to entertain us. Naturally, superheroes have been a big part of my life and it's something I could talk about for hours on end.

This is possibly that hardest list I have ever had to make. I feel like so many great heroes have emerged lately (well done Marvel & DC.) But these are definitely my current top five:

I know he's not really a hero, but when I think of the Marvel Universe he's just my number one guy. Everything in the superhero world can get very serious and there's lots of dark/broody characters trying to save everyone. And then Wade comes along to give us all some much needed comic relief that we didn't realize we needed. He never takes anything too seriously, but then he turns into this total bad-ass assassin that you wouldn't dare to mess with. He's like Wolverine, but with non-stop sassy remarks.

Another wise-cracking hero I can't get enough of (no wonder him and Deadpool are BFFs.) I always liked how intelligent Peter Parker is, and how that human side of him makes him even more of a hero. He's not tough like Captain America, but being so agile makes him more of a rarity in the superhero world. He's like the nerdy/hipster little brother to the Avengers, but just as awesome as the rest of them. I LOVED him in the latest Captain America film, Tom Holland was so good and he broke up some of the tense scenes really well.

I must have a thing for heroes who run fast because the Flash is also one of my all-time favorites (he almost made the list.) I love how cheeky he is, at least in the film adaptations I've seen. I think Age of Ultron proved that there's more to his powers than just speed. Plus, how good was the Quicksilver/Hawkeye rivalry in the movie? So funny, and I think we can agree that the X-Men version of him is just as awesome.

I know he's your classic hero, but Clark Kent was a big part of my childhood, since he was my brother's favorite and all. He's also like the King of superheroes being the most iconic. I think I've just always admired his morals and how he's the hero you could always rely on. I know he can be a little predictable, but there's no way you would want to mess with him. Can we talk about how perfect Henry Cavill is at playing him? Swoon!

She has beauty as well as brains; what more do we need in a heroine? The older I get, the more I find inspiration in women like her who are tough as any male superheroes and yet she still handles herself with grace. I also love that she comes from Greek mythology and is somewhat of an outsider to the world, which always makes things interesting. She's kind of the female equivalent to Superman, but more badass and with better accessories. She is exactly the woman I aspire to be.

So those are my top 5! It was pretty hard trying to narrow them down. I might do a top 5 Super-Villains, since there are so many good ones!

Who are your favorite heroes?
Steph x.


  1. Loved waking up to this post! We loved Superman growing up but I haven't seen the latest ones, Christopher Reeve and Dean Cane will always be Superman to me!:p As for Quicksilver, I agree he's awesome, I have to be honest though I love the Marvel one more...lets just say Aaron Johnson may have a big part to play in that! ;) I love your choices, I need to see some of these movies though! Captain America has to be my favourite and after watching Civil War and the last Avengers, I love Scarlet Witch and have a soft spot for the Winter Soldier! :)

    Kelly x |~ SweetIsAlwaysInStyle || Lifestyle Blog ~

    1. Haha so glad you liked it. You guys should definitely watch Man of Steel! Henry is like the DC version of Chris Evans : ) OMG Aaron Taylor Johnson is a big part of why I love him too <3 Cap is amazing, I love Scarlett Witch! I really wish I had her powers. Civil War really made me like Bucky even more. He's so cool : )
      Steph x.

  2. My favourite are Deadpool, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch and Hulk and Jessica Jones (I know, technically a Marvel comic but she is still the!

    Emily /

    1. Great choices! Scarlett Witch is one of my favs too : )
      Steph x.

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