Gym OOTD : Boxing

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Top: Nike Dri-FIT 

 This range of tanks by Nike are my absolute favorite to work out in. I find them really breathable and super comfortable during any kind of exercise. I bought it a while a go and it's now too big for me, so I've taken to knotting it at the front, which actually makes it hug my body nicely!

Leggings: New Balance 3/4s
These are the most amazing pair of tights I have ever owned in my life. They could not be more comfortable, or be easier to work out in. I love wearing them for boxing because I never know what my trainer is going to throw at me that day, so with these I'm ready for anything. They have a high-waistband which makes my stomach look nice and flat too. They're too hot for me to run in at the moment, but for the gym they are absolutely perfect.


Crop Top: Cotton On Body

I love being able to jazz-up my gym outfits with a cute top underneath. I don't need a lot of support (it's a blessing and a curse) and I find the smaller sizes at Cotton On hug me perfectly. I actually got this one for Christmas last year and I still wear it every week. I find the v-neck front quite flattering and the straps across the back just make the whole outfit for me.

Trainers: Under Armor Micro 

For my gym training, I find flatter shoes are always better when I'm doing lots of lifting etc. I originally bought these for running in, but in the end they became my go-to gym shoes. These are really fun to bounce around in for boxing and are still supportive enough for cardio work. Plus, I'm still in love with the design of them. You can't beat Under Armor quality!

For some reason I always go for an all-black outfit for boxing. It makes me feel like I'm training to be a bad-ass superhero! I know it's a little boring, but it's still one of my favorite outfits to wear. You want to be comfortable, yet stylish whilst working out. Nike, New Balance, and Under Armor are some of my all-time favorite brands that I always go back to. 

How do you guys like this style of post? Should I do more? 

Steph x.


  1. Loving the gear, I'm completely opposite colour wise, I have to have colour, otherwise I feel frumpy 😂

    1. Thanks! Fair enough, there have been some really nice and colorful clothes around lately : )
      Steph x.