Daily Blog: Spiced Apple Porridge, Iron Man & Gym PB!

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Good Morning from a rainy Christchurch!
I actually slept so well last night and I feel like it was because I had fresh sheets on my bed. Is there anything better? 

Tamarillo, blueberries and banana on my porridge this morning and it was super-delicious! Can never have enough fruit.

I've just been editing yesterday's photos and watching my usual vlogs on YouTube to keep me inspired and happy for the day. Works every time! The latest Ben Brown vlog where him and SP went to IKEA had me laughing so hard. Seriously check it out!

A very important part of my pre-gym routine is motivational music. Currently blasting my girl, Hailee Steinfeld. Love her music!

Gym OOTD: Under Armor tank & Cotton On Body Shorts. Excuse the fluff.

I'm that girl wearing shorts and a pink leather jacket to the gym today lol just keeping it cool ( I actually just can't fit it in my bag, so I have to wear it.)

Today is leg day! Woohoo! Every fit-girl's favorite day on a workout program. I just did a 3 minute Wattbike warmup at a good speed, then went straight to the squat rack. A.K.A my personal gym love.

I did well today with my weights, not as good as last week, but I'm up for any kind of challenge and these are killing me at the moment. I did start to feel super dizzy which isn't good, so I took a few extra rests in between. Don't wanna be fainting in the gym!

Next was hip thrusts and I managed to do a personal best!! I was doing them with 85kg (187lbs) or 105kg including the bar. So happy with that! I was just finding it too light, so I kept adding more and more weight. My trainer looked over at one point and mouthed "WTF?!" And giddy little me was like "I know!" He couldn't believe it and seemed quite proud of me, which is the best feeling ever. My Supergirl powers are coming along nicely, I'd say.

In between my hip thrusts, I also did cable kickbacks with 22kg. Then I moved onto box pushes, which I knew would make my legs burn. Sure enough, they really did. This was my way of adding some cardio in as well.

I was about an hour in by now, so I decided to do some ab work to finish off. I did some ab crunches with these hoops (not really sure what they're called) after remembering that it was one of Lucy's favorite exercises in our collab that we did. Really works both your abs and legs at the same time.

I also did some planking with the balance trainer (it's like half a swiss ball) which is one of my most used pieces of equipment at the gym lately, I love using it for core work. I did a minute of planking, then went back to my ab crunches. I was feeling pretty shattered by this point!

And that's legs done! Starting to really see some definition in my glutes now that I've increased my weights. Gonna get me a squat booty!

Feeling pretty great after that workout. It's now noon, so I have to head home to get some work done and cuddle the dogs for a bit.

Protein filled lunch to keep me full and recharged after today's workout. Been looking forward to this. Also having a pear to finish off, they're my favorite to have during the day.

For some reason I was SUPER hungry by three o'clock, so I kinda had a second lunch. It was tuna, avocado, carrot sticks, hummus, and a flat bread. I love these kinds of snack bowls where you can pick so many yummy things to fit in. More food the better, really.

All right, even though it's a super rainy day I really have to get blog photos done for my June Goals post. Have to pick the brightest spot in the house and give it a go! White card and natural lighting make for great blog pictures.

When I was at the gym today I started craving spiced apples, so I thought of a really simple recipe to try out:

3 apples, cubed
2 tablespoons coconut oil
ground cloves
ground nutmeg
(use as much or as little as you want with the spices, I tend to go a bit crazy.)

Stew on a low heat until soft and delish : )

Watching my ultimate favorite Marvel movie, Iron Man, while I get some work done and my apples cook. It's kinda making me want to switch to Team Iron man. He's just so cool. Speaking of, I'm a bit of a soundtrack geek, and the Iron Man one is just awesome. Perfect superhero music.

I want to wait until Mum gets home to have dinner together, so I'm having half my apple mix with some porridge for a pre-dinner snack. I know I've had it already today, but I was really craving another bowl! Cinderlla (the 2015 live action movie) came on TV and it's got me in a Disney mood! Really want to be a princess for the day (big, poofy dress included.)

Dinner tonight was salmon poached in a light coconut curry, a tonne of broccoli and black rice on the side. So yummy! I also topped off the night with my all-time favorite tea: green tea with strawberry. Feeling quite relaxed now. Buddy helped me with the dishes ; )

I've been in super work mode tonight and managed to get a couple of blog posts all ready to go. I even went on to watch Iron Man 2, even though I should have been asleep by then. But, you know, priorities : )

I hope you guys are enjoying these day in the life posts so far! I'm gonna take a break tomorrow since it's going to be a boring work day anyway. But I promise the rest of the week is gonna be good!

Now the all important question: What's your favorite Marvel movie?

Steph x.


  1. Loving these daily blogs!


  2. GIRL. you are an inspiration! Look at all those yummy meal ideas... and by the way, I absolutely adore your tattoo! keep up the great work! xX


  3. That spiced apple porridge looks delicious and yay for Iron Man and kick ass gym sessions! :) Love this post!

    Lucy x |~ SweetIsAlwaysInStyle || Lifestyle Blog ~

  4. My favourite is iron man too!! I even have a iron man tattoo!! haha I love your daily blogging posts, so inspiring!

    Love Sian x
    The Tattooed Princess ♥