How To Pick The Right Active Gear

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Hello everyone! Shopping for new active gear has become something of a hobby for me, so I thought  would share my advice on how to pick the right clothes for your workout. With so many sports brands out there, it's hard to know what to go for sometimes. I've had my fair share of purchases that I've only worn once or twice because it didn't fit me right. It also takes time to develop your own style and what makes you feel confident while working out. Having the right gear can make such a difference to how you perform, so it's important to know what to go for. It's also a lot of fun!

 My Staples: 

2 x black 3/4 leggings
2 x shorts 
3 x tanks 
3 x sports bras
1 x running vest
1 x wind-proof jacket
An infinite amount of socks 

Mix up expensive basics with other brands 

With having so many brands of sports-wear to choose from, it's easy to think that you have to go for what's most popular or most expensive. Brands like Lululemon are usually out of my price range, but you can't deny their quality. I think it's a really great idea to mix up your gym wardrobe with quality basics that will last you a long time (investing in a good pair of leggings is a good idea) and with some fun tops/shorts from more budget friendly brands. I don't actually wear a lot of top brands, but what I do have has been a reward for myself, or I got it on sale. Some of these brands have materials that make working out a lot more enjoyable, so they are worth investing in every once in a while.

High-waistbands are your best-friend

If you're like me and feel a bit insecure with your tummy area, any leggings or shorts are a lifesaver when you're working out! They're the main thing I look for in a new pair of leggings/shorts and the ones I already own are what I wear most. That nice thick band just flattens you out nicely, and suddenly that tight tank top will look great on you too! Plus, they are just so much more comfortable to wear since the band hugs your body better than some elastic.

Be critical of materials  

Letting your skin breathe properly is so important when you're getting a sweat going. I've found that I don't buy leggings from certain brands anymore, because it stops me from feeling comfortable. For example, be very careful with cotton leggings as any sweat marks will show up (I learned that the hard way!) Also be careful of any active gear made out of thick polyester. Personally, I've found them really uncomfortable to wear and my skin just feels like it can't breathe.It can make or break how you perform during your workout sometimes, so be picky when you buy new gear. 

Find what makes you feel confident

This is super-important for working out, especially to help you get in the right mood to be awesome that day. There are some outfits that I wear to the gym and feel amazing before I've even started. I tend to go for a lot of black items that hug my figure perfectly, yet I'm still comfortable. My 3/4 Puma leggings are amazing for making my legs look toned, and I have some sports bras that make me sexier than normal ones! Don't settle for old t-shirts, find something that makes you want to show your outfit off at the gym and use that confidence in your workout. Look great, feel great!

Have fun personalizing your style

For me, this usually means wearing a superhero t-shirt to the gym (Captain America on arm-day, of course.) This is where you can have fun with your style and maybe feel inspired at the same time. The lovely Lottie from Happiest Fitness co. sent me this amazing tank top that describes me perfectly! I'm a total Belle in a lot of ways (I LOVE reading and am really independent) but at the same time I get into total beast mode at the gym. Beauty and a beast, folks! Whatever your style, have fun making your active gear wardrobe unique to you.

I could honestly spend all day looking for the perfect workout clothes! And when you find them it's money well-spent for how great you feel.

What's your favorite outfit to wear when you workout?
Steph x.

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