Health & Fitness Update: May

Friday, 27 May 2016

Hello Everyone!
I feel like I have really stepped it up this month with my training and I feel really great about it! I was getting bored with my old programs, so I became determined to find new challenges and thankfully my trainer helped me out with that once again. I've really focused on building my strength with weight training as well and I feel more determined than ever to keep getting stronger. I feel like it's been my best month yet for fitness!

Back Definition 

Through both April and May, I've really worked hard on a couple chest/back programs that my trainer gave me. Of course it's hard me for me to see the results of it, but I've had a few compliments on how much muscle definition I've gained on my back. One actually came from a guy that works super hard with a couple of his friends and my PT (I call them his boy band.) He thought I was competing and that he had a lot of respect for me. That's so crazy! I have so much respect for those guys too, because I know how hard my PT pushes his clients. That comment made my entire week : )

Low Blood-Sugar? 
With the added intensity to my workouts, I recently found that I have been getting quite dizzy after doing some of my sets at the gym. One day I actually started to question whether I would faint if I pushed myself too far (thankfully that didn't happen.) When I mentioned it to my trainer, he said that it could be low blood-sugar which is quite common. It happens when you're watching your diet and sugar-intake, mixed with strenuous gym sessions. It's something for me to keep an eye on and be careful of if I push myself too much. I don't mind putting a little extra maple syrup on my healthy pancakes in the morning anyway!

Increased Weights 

For someone who loves lifting, there is nothing more satisfying than adding heavier weights to your set. This month I increased my hip thrusts from 60kgs up to 70kgs and my dead lifts up to 50kgs from 40kgs. I've also been working really hard on my squats this month, with a major focus on my depth. I dropped the weight for a while until I got my form right, and now I'm back up to squatting with 60kgs. I am so happy with my progress at the moment and I'm determined to keep getting stronger!

Killer Rope Exercises 

When it was time for me to get a new arm program from my trainer, he decided to base it around using ropes. It's a few exercises mixed in with some weights, so it's the right balance of cardio and strength training. Let me tell, these ropes are not for the faint-hearted! I go for a full minute and it kills my arms every set. They're my current target area, so I'm sure these ropes will help me tone up in no time. If you want your arms to burn, give this a go!

Workin' on those abs

I've gotten into the habit lately of allowing ten minutes at the end of my workout to do some ab exercises. Just a bit of planking and push-ups, but it's starting to really make a difference. My stomach isn't flat yet, but I can really feel my muscles coming through (best feeling ever!) Core strength is so crucial for both my boxing and running too. Just an extra 10 minutes a day is worth it!

Goals for June

 This month I would really like to work on my pull-ups, because I am still yet to master them. As I mentioned before, I want to keep working at my lifting and seeing how much more weight I can add to it. I really want to add more cardio to my workouts as well. Toning up with weights is more fun, but I know that in order to go down another couple of pounds I need to be burning fat. I won't enjoy it, but it needs to be done!

I only have thirteen weeks until I go on holiday, so I really need to smash it these next few months. I also have a half marathon coming up, so I'm going to be spending a bit more time running. I'm excited to see what goals I hit in June!

How's your fitness been this May?
Steph x. 


  1. You look fab!! I've been trying harder this month but typical all the birthday meals out fall around that time too. Wish I could lift that heavy, but I don't do all too much weights in the gym, usually just pump and blast classes! Inspired me to work a little harder! xx

    Tamz |

  2. Thank you!! That's so nice of you to say. Oh I know what you mean, it's always when I really need to eat right that it's the hardest with going out! Those classes can be really fun, I need to go along to one soon : )
    Steph x.