YouTuber of the month: Mr Ben Brown

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

YouTube is part of my daily routine and over time I've managed to subscribe to some pretty amazing people. Some simply make me smile, and others have genuinely made me go out and change the way that I live. Ben Brown is part of that latter group, and since watching him I have bought a penny board (and fallen off), picked up my camera again to continue my passion for photography, and vlogged my entire trip to America. He doesn't wait for opportunities to come up, he goes out and makes them happen. And better yet, he encourages all of his viewers to do the same.

Ben is a kayak world champion turned daily vlogger and film-maker. His eye for beauty is pretty rare and it comes in handy when he embarks on one of his many travel adventures. However, it's not his exciting vlogs that keep viewers coming back each day (well, they are pretty cool); Ben has one of these delightful personalities where he can make you laugh and enjoy even the everyday things. He has that contagious adventure bug that makes you want to pack a bag and a camera, and go out exploring. It's hard to explain, but Ben will prove to you that anything is possible. Nothing holds him back and that's a rare quality these days. He's chosen a career path that should have "Living the Dream" as it's description, and he has put in the hard work to get there. Combining this with his natural ability to entertain makes for a pretty awesome YouTube channel.

 Ben is an example of why I love watching daily vlogs. They give you a glimpse into how other people live and inspire you to break those boring everyday habits. They make you think "Wow, I could be doing so much more with my day."
And so, if you're looking for some positive vibes in your life, or you just want to check out some pretty amazing travel videos, make sure to check out Ben's YouTube channel here.
Also make sure to check out his instagram and Tumblr accounts for some pretty incredible feats of photography.
I highly recommend his trips to Canada and my absolute favorite Visual Vibes set in the London summer time! 

Thanks for everything Ben! #Brownieforlife
(Photo credit: Mr Ben Brown).

What are your favorite Ben Brown videos? x. 

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