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Saturday, 20 June 2015

While I can be quite the home-body, I do love jumping on a plane and going somewhere new. I come from a family of travelers and with my older brother's BMX racing I was lucky enough to travel the length of New Zealand by the time I was 10.
Now that I'm in my twenties I'm making it my goal to travel somewhere new each year, no matter what it does to my bank account...

In no particular order:

Cherry blossoms, the food, an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant, and beautiful gardens. What more could you ask for in a holiday?

Thanks to Mr Ben Brown vlogs I am dying to go on an adventure holiday to Canada. With mountain biking, helicopter instagram missions, zip lining, and going on the Olympic Bobsled track, it should be quite the adrenaline filled trip!

I absolutely love getting lost in cities, because you never know what you will stumble across (Mum and me found the back of the White House whilst in Washington). London just seems like such an interesting city, not to mention the museums and Harry Potter sights to satisfy my nerdy side.

I can't get over how beautiful and charming this place looks. It seems like the perfect place to balance exploring, relaxing and adventure all in one trip!

I wrote my honors thesis on the events at Pompeii and studying Roman social history was my favorite subject to study. I feel like this would be one of the most interesting places to visit as there's really not many others like it. Also, you get to explore and relax in beautiful Naples afterwards!

What are your top 5 places to travel?

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