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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Wrap a-rounds
I love taking a basic outfit and adding to it with a striped or checkered top. I usually wear black tights, plain top and wrap my red tartan shirt round my waist.

Crop top + Midi skirt
This is just such a classic look and you don't have to show too much skin. You can Audrey Hepburn inspired with a black and white combo, or play with colors. 

 Leather Jackets
Nothing makes you instantly cooler than a well-fitting leather jacket. It can take a basic outfit to a whole new level. Definitely an item to go for on those days where you just don't know what to wear. 

 Bold Boots
Sometimes the shoes you wear can make up an entire outfit. Especially in the colder months when we are all living out of our favorite jackets. I have leopard print boots just like these and I LOVE them. Bold high-tops also work!

Casual Nike's and comfy hoodies!
 Let's face it, this look isn't just for long journeys. Perfect for when you want to be both comfortable and stylish. 

Ripped White Jeans
I'll admit I am hesitant to wear white jeans, as I typically manage to drop food on nice clothing. But this is just such a fresh look and is perfect for the warmer or colder months.

I love experimenting with trends, especially as the seasons change. I keep a board on Pinterest that I update regularly if you are interested in seeing more of my favorite fashion looks.

Let me know in the comments what looks you have been loving, and I will talk to you again soon! x.

(Photo credit: all links found on my Pinterest page).

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