Lush Review: Cupcake Fresh Face Mask

Sunday, 7 June 2015

This is definitely a Friday night-in product; a little treat after a hard week. For all of us with a sweet tooth this is probably the most appealing Lush face mask and so I was quite excited to try it. I've used several other Lush face masks prior to this one and I personally love how fresh all of the ingredients are. I tend to shy away from anything with too many chemicals, hence why Lush is my go-to brand for everything skincare. Here are all the important bits:

Key Ingredients: Rhassoul mud, cocoa powder and butter, fresh mint, vanilla, linseed, peppermint oil.
Description: "Chocolate heaven for oily and teenage skin. Helps absorb excess oil and calm breakouts."
Price: $18.99 (NZ)

This face mask had quite the job ahead of it as my skin can be very spot-prone (especially at the time I went to try this), and I also work in a bakery, so it can be quite difficult keeping my skin clean and clear with all the steam coming from ovens. My first reaction was how lovely and cooling the peppermint oil is. It makes it surprisingly refreshing and takes away from the heaviness of the cocoa butter. Speaking of, after my ten minutes were up, I noticed how significantly smoother my skin felt, as well as feeling lovely and clean. I didn't, however, notice a great difference to my spots, even after time had passed and I used it several times over the course of a week. The peppermint only calmed the redness for so long and it didn't seem to take away any excess oils, as promised in the description.

I wish I could rave about this product, but it just didn't work on my skin how I hoped it would. Despite this, it was nice and cool on the skin and it felt a lot smoother afterwards. It's a great product for cleansing and the ingredients make you feel like you're treating your skin to a more luxurious face mask. You can also trust that the ingredients are fresh and aren't going to do any damage to your skin. Of course, this mask will work differently on everyone, depending on your skin type. I wouldn't recommend it as a heavy-duty mask, however, it was still very pleasant and a great treat for your skin.

Purchase again? No, however, I would buy it for a friend as a present.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried this or any other Lush fresh face masks, and what you thought of them. Would love to hear how you enjoyed them!

Until next time x.

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