Mid-week Motivation!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

My mother always told me "If you don't love yourself, no one will", and as I'm getting older I've come to realize how true this is. The same goes for believing in yourself and what you want to achieve. I think we all have days where our confidence wavers and we have to pick ourselves back up again, and today was one of those days.
I was at the gym, feeling very tired from lack of sleep (about 12 hours in the last two days) and frustrated with my new workout. Plus, there were boys around and I wasn't exactly feeling the best. I had that typical "Will I ever be pretty, slim or cool enough?" thought. Cue a few hours and a short nap later, and I'm now back to being able to function slightly better and look at things a lot differently.

We all know that confidence is key and it starts with taking care of and respecting yourself. For example, after I get a good nights rest I will tackle that new gym workout and continue to work on the things that make me happy and confident.

Lesson of today: Everyone has insecurities and flaws. We can choose to either hide them and let them haunt us, or we can be confident in what makes us unique. I know it's all a bit cheesy, but I think we need to be reminded of this sometimes. If you believe that you're awesome (and you should!), that confidence will carry your far.

Until next time x. 

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