How To Beat The Post-Holiday Blues

Friday, 1 September 2017

Ahh, the downside of every vacation. There's nothing better than taking a break from your every day life, but unfortunately it's always over before you know it. To be honest, I usually look forward to coming home. I miss the routine and comforts of home. I miss getting up in the morning for a coffee in one of my favorite mugs, or chilling in my own bed with one of my favorite TV shows.

We all know those moments upon your return where you wish to be back on sandy beaches. And that amazing feeling of having zero responsibilities for the first time all year. But life can still be good my friends! There's plenty of ways we can beat those holiday blues and keep the happy feels flowing.

Since routine is what I miss most on holiday, changing up and perfecting a routine is a great way to feel better once you're home. Maybe you can look at what was boring you before you left for vacation and find a way to change it up. Eat your breakfast outside, incorporate new food into your diet, or blog for half an hour in the morning. Use something you loved doing on vacation to spice up your everyday routine.

On the plane ride home, I kept thinking about the positives of arriving back. You spend the months leading up to your holiday anxious and excited, so I find it's important to keep that feeling of looking forward to something in the future. It can be absolutely anything from getting a new pet, Christmas, planning a road trip, going to a concert, or having a big birthday bash. If you're sad that the vacation is over, have something else that just sits in the back of your mind, that you can turn to when you wanna feel excited. I'm lucky this time, because in 1 1/2 months me and Steve will finally be living together. We always felt more excited about the move than the holiday to be honest! Now I get to start planning the move, think about how I want to decorate the place, and get our home gym sorted. It's an exciting next chapter that makes coming home from paradise a lot more bearable.

If you miss that feeling of exploration and eating out, why not find new favorites in your home city/town? There's been a lot of activity here in Christchurch lately, with new cafes popping up every week. No matter where you live there is always a way to try something new and enjoy it with friends. One of my favorite ways of getting recommendations is through foodie accounts on Instagram. There's always someone in your area who is doing it, and you will be spoiled for choice! You can scroll their feed, drool at their delicious food pics, then make a list of all the places you wanna go. Even planning to try somewhere new once a month can help ease that travel bug that keeps coming back. You may even want to start a foodie account for your home town too!

I'd love to know any tips you guys have for beating those post-holiday blues! Steph x.


  1. Great post! I always try to use that feeling of rejuvenation after a holiday to jump straight into some major productivity and get stuff done! And you're right, keeping busy definitely helps to beat the holiday blues! Ciara - xx

    1. Yes! I totally agree :D I feel the most inspired and crave being productive when I come back from holiday.
      Steph x.