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Friday, 25 August 2017

I think the number one piece of advice that I would give to anyone struggling with their blog, would be to read some of the amazing talent out there. After being stuck in my own rut for a while, I realized how much I missed discovering new blogs and feeling inspired by their content. The other day I decided to browse my Bloglovin' feed and came across so many awesome posts! I was so impressed that I wanted to share them with you guys...

Katy Belle,
Photo Diary: Disneyland Paris 

While I'm not much of a Disney blogger myself, I absolutely adore any kind of posts on the subject. Katy's photography is always super stunning and makes me want to up my game. I definitely didn't utilize my time at Disneyland taking blog photos, so this post is inspiring me big time.

From Roses, 
So You Want To Get A Puppy? Everything I've Learnt From Being A Dog Parent

About an hour prior to reading this post I asked my boyfriend "Can I get a puppy for my birthday?" Which seems like a pretty big gift, but we will have moved in together by then and we have talked about getting a dog for a while now. When I saw this post pop up I knew it was a sign! Rebecca offers some really great advice about adjusting to life with a fluffy trouble-maker. It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of getting a puppy, but this post helps bring you into the real world a little bit. I'll be coming back to this when I become a dog parent myself!

See The Stars
Why I'm Stripping My Blog Back To Basics 

I think each and every one of us bloggers face a time where we get so caught up in putting out content that we forget to enjoy ourselves. It's a struggle I've been facing and it looks like I'm definitely not alone. I really enjoyed Sarah's honest post about taking pressure off blogging and not stressing about perfection. It just shows you that your blog will evolve as you do. Also, that you're not restricted to writing about one subject until the end of time. This post has reminded me to also put passion into what I'm writing and to never forget that blogging is supposed to be fun.

Shona Louise
5 Trinket Dishes That Will Improve Your Flat Lays 

I feel like I haven't taken flat-lay pictures in a long time (unless it's of food...) but now I'm thinking I've just been lacking the right props! I never think of trinket dishes to use in photography, although it's a pretty obvious choice. The ones Shona has picked out in her post are so damn cute, I'm definitely hunting down a cactus one ASAP. I definitely want to get back into my flat-lay photography now!

Martha Jane Edwards
What I Learned From Failing My Summer Goals

The title of this post caught my eye immediately and I knew it was gonna be a good one. You see a lot of Goals posts popping up, but few people openly talk about what they didn't achieve. I thought her post was really relatable, in a way that we've all made goals and felt bad about not completing them. She points out that it's especially true for creative goals when the inspiration just doesn't come. I really loved this approach to goal reviews and it makes you think of every failure as a learning opportunity.

I hope you guys enjoys these posts as much as I did!
Have you read any great blogs lately?

Steph x. 

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